Avoid leaving laundry in the washing machine overnight.

Do you have a habit of leaving freshly washed clothes in the washing machine? This bad habit can lead to the formation of musty and moldy smells. How can you avoid this problem? How long can you leave wet clothes in the washing machine drum after washing? Here you will find everything you need to know.

Can you leave wet clothes in the washing machine overnight?

Wellness expert Martha Stewart answers this question. According to this expert, wet clothes can stay in the washing machine all night. He continues, “Don’t leave her alone for a whole week.” But if you put it in the dryer when you get up, nothing will happen. And he adds: “If your clothes smell bad in the morning, don’t put them in the dryer. Bad smells indicate that clothes are full of bacteria and mold. That’s why you have to wash it again.

If you want to know the numbers, research from Whirlpool Corporation’s Institute of Home Sciences confirmed that odors occur between 8 and 12 hours. So don’t rush to take out the wet clothes because they can stay in the washing machine all night.

How long should wet clothes stay in the washing machine?

According to Martha Stewart, a health and wellness specialist, you can leave damp clothes in the washing machine overnight. This way you can have a peaceful night, and when you wake up you can take it out and put it in the dryer.

According to studies conducted by Whirlpool Corporation’s Institute of Home Sciences, clothing begins to smell bad when left wet for 8-12 hours. Then bacteria and mold penetrate the clothing. In this case, it is best not to dry it. It’s best to wash it again.

How can I prevent bad smells from forming in my washing machine?

In addition to moisture being the main cause of bad smells in clothes, it is possible that the washing machine is also responsible for the creation of unwanted smells in clothes. This happens if the washing machine has calcification or the drum is not sufficiently ventilated.

To prevent these unpleasant smells from developing, you should empty the washing machine drum immediately after completing the wash cycle. In this way you prevent the accumulation of moisture and the proliferation of bacteria. Also, leave the door open when the drum is empty to ventilate the washing machine.