3 ways hotels use to make their bathrooms shine

The bathroom is one of the rooms in the house that needs to be cleaned daily. It has to be sparkling clean so that no bacteria and germs accumulate. Superficial cleaning is not enough to keep it clean. At least once a month, this room must be thoroughly cleaned to neutralize germs and bacteria, remove limescale and mold as well as bad smells and other stubborn stains.

Clean the bathtub

Cleaning the bathtub is not that difficult if you use cleaning techniques depending on the level of dirt. If your bathtub is very dirty and yellowish, baking soda will help, which disinfects and whitens the bathtub.

To do this, moisten the bathtub and sprinkle it with a layer of baking soda. Leave it on for about 20 minutes and rub gently with a sponge. Finish cleaning by rinsing with water to remove any remaining baking soda. You can also mix white vinegar with hot water. It is enough to spray this solution on the walls of the bathtub.

Neutralize limescale deposits in the shower

Limescale is a real pest that can ruin the look of your bathroom. It can attack all bathroom equipment, including shower enclosures and shower heads. When it builds up, it can clog the holes in your showerhead and prevent water from flowing properly.

To properly clean it without taking it apart, immerse it in a freezer bag with a mixture of water and vinegar. Close the bag tightly with a rubber band and let it stand for a few hours. Remove the bag and gently brush the shower attachment. Then make it clear.

Disinfect the faucet

If you want a sparkling clean hotel faucet, this is what you should do. Start by using white vinegar, the ideal product for cleaning and descaling your taps. You can heat the vinegar to improve its effectiveness or combine it with baking soda.

It all depends on the material your faucet is made of: stainless steel (mixture of vinegar and bicarbonate), copper (coarse salt and white vinegar), brass (mild soap). Most of today’s bathroom faucets are made of stainless steel. Use white vinegar and baking soda to clean them properly.