Very useful techniques to care for your wooden spatulas!

Many people choose wooden kitchen utensils to have a well-equipped kitchen. Whether cutting boards, spatulas or spoons – they are not only a great decorative accessory, but also extremely useful. However, cleaning is not always easy.

Wood is a delicate and delicate material that requires special care to make it last for a long time. Here you will find some practical tips for cleaning and caring for your wooden kitchen utensils, especially spatulas.

Clean wooden utensils after each use

Like other kitchen accessories, wooden utensils need to be cleaned after each use. Otherwise they become real breeding grounds for bacteria. All you need to do is use liquid detergent, which is an excellent cleaner and degreaser. You can also use lemon juice, which disinfects them by killing bacteria and microbes. After cleaning, rinse and dry well with a clean, dry cloth.

Avoid soaking wooden spatulas in water

To keep your wooden spatulas as durable as possible for all your culinary preparations, avoid submerging them in water. When you wash them, dry them quickly with a clean cloth.

Do not put your wooden utensils in the dishwasher

Do not clean your wooden spatulas in the dishwasher as using very hot water can affect their quality. Too much moisture can damage your wooden accessories. Instead of running the dishwasher, simply wash your wooden spatulas and cutting boards by hand. Additionally, if your utensils have cracks or cracks, you should stop using them as they can become a health hazard.

Treat wooden spatulas with oil

To ensure that your wooden kitchen accessories last and are maintained for a long time, apply olive or peanut oil. Take an absorbent paper, moisten it with the oil and gently apply it to the utensils. This means your accessories are well cared for and keep their shine.

Keep utensils away from heat sources

To extend the life of your cookware, store it in a suitable location. Do not put them near a heat source such as the oven or stove. Your wooden accessories may burn if they come into contact with heat.