Why is your oven smoking and what is the solution?

Are you panicking in the kitchen because the oven is smoking while you’re using it? Does it irritate your eyes and the bad smell spreads throughout the room? It may not be the ideal situation for cooking, but there is a solution for everything. Before finding the solution, you must first know what is causing the smoke. These are some of the causes identified by home appliance experts and their corresponding solutions.

The oven emits smoke due to dirt

It is entirely possible that your oven is smoking because it is dirty. Whether it’s overflowing gratin or splattering chicken fat – your oven is full of food residue and grease stains everywhere. If you forget to remove all this dirt when you use the oven again, it will burn and smoke.

To remedy this, you must clean your oven thoroughly after each use. Depending on the type of device, you can use pyrolysis or automatic cleaning. You can also thoroughly clean the entire device, including the glass, interior walls, and even the exterior.

You have a new oven

Did you just buy an oven and it smoked the first time you used it? This is completely natural because your oven is new. This is because your oven contains components such as glue that can smoke. What should you do in this case? First, ventilate the room by leaving the windows open as the smoke can be toxic. Then preheat the oven for an hour to get rid of the fumes.

The oven smokes due to improper use

Does your oven give off thick smoke? It could be due to a malfunction. Whether the thermostat is set incorrectly or the cooking temperature is too high, you may be using your oven incorrectly due to carelessness, resulting in thick black smoke coming out of your oven.

The solution to all this problem is to be careful when using your oven. Choose the right fats, follow the recipes carefully, and choose the right temperature and cooking time. If you apply these solutions, your oven will definitely stop smoking.