Bad smells from pipes, the bottle method will restore the good smell

Bad smells from bathroom drains? A very big problem will be solved with the bottle method. Here’s how to get your smell back in no time. We are sure that this technique will help you a lot.

There is nothing more beautiful than having   clean and scented bathrooms   . But what to do when   bad smells come out of the pipes   ? With the bottle method, this problem will be solved for me without being told.

Odorless and bad smell: how to solve the problem

We know that you too will spend hours and hours every day   cleaning your bathroom   . It is everyone’s dream   to have toilets that are not only spotless but above all scented   . How many very expensive products did you buy to obtain satisfactory results?

Toilets and bad smells

I’m sure there are many, but perhaps none will have satisfied you 100%. Not to mention those   bad and unpleasant odors that escape from the sewers   . How to solve this problem   without resorting to the use of chemicals   ?

You are told that there is a solution and that it is also quite fast and very useful. Do you know   the bottle method   ? More and more housewives are using it. The result is surprising: in just a few minutes, you can say goodbye to difficult-to-remove remains or   lime deposits   , but above all to the   bad odors that come out of your toilet   .

The bottle method to eliminate bad odors

The bathroom is one that should always be   clean and spotless. It is precisely in this environment where   germs and bacteria grow   that can also be harmful to health.

Plastic bottles

That is why it is necessary that   toilets and bathroom furniture be carefully cleaned every day   . If you also spend a lot of time cleaning your bathroom but cannot solve the problem of dirt, lime, but above all the   unpleasant smell that emanates from the pipes   , continue reading this article.

Today we present you   a method   that you won’t be able to do without either. Do you know the   plastic bottle system   ? This is a   technique   used by many housewives who have no intention of going back.

Ready to find out   how you can solve the   odor and scale problem in no time? So, let’s get started right away. The first thing you should do is   throw away all the conventional or chemical products   you have in your bathroom cabinet.

The system that we present to you is effective but above all   made with natural products   . This is what you will need. First,   take half a cup of white vinegar   . Then add   half a lemon juice without seeds   and impurities and start mixing everything.

Pour the contents into a plastic bottle   , then puncture the cap for convenience, then start   flushing the liquid down the toilet   . We advise you to carry out this operation at night because the mixture of white vinegar and lemon juice will have to act for at least   eight to ten hours.

The next day,   scrub the inside of your bathroom fixtures with a toilet brush and flush the toilet   . There you have it, not only   will your bathroom be perfect, white, immaculate and without even a trace,   but above all, with this technique   you will have eliminated the bad odors that often come out of the pipes   .

Have you seen how with   just two natural ingredients   you can change everything? However, we also have another technique   for you that can still solve the problems we talked about above,   but with different ingredients.

To   neutralize odors   , you can, for example, make   a compound based on baking soda, white vinegar and hydrogen peroxide   : this way you will permanently eliminate bad odors from the bathroom pipes.

How should you proceed? In this case, the steps are actually very simple:   fill a cup with baking soda, add two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide   and half a lemon juice inside.

Then pour the contents into your toilet and   let it sit for 15 minutes   , then flush the toilet. Also in this case you will have obtained a bathroom that is not only clean and disinfected, but above all fragrant:   the pipes in your toilets will smell clean again   . Also try this system: you will never retrace your steps.

bottle technique