Clean the refrigerator without scrubbing anything, zero effort: eliminates all bad odors

Refrigerator, do you want it clear and clean but above all without bad odors? In a few seconds, with this technique, you really won’t make any effort: it is capable of leaving your device like new.  Tired of spending hours   scrubbing the refrigerator   to   remove stains and bad odors   ? This technique will save you and   save a lot of time   : new device with minimal effort.

Refrigerator, how to take care of our trusted device

The   refrigerator   is undoubtedly one of the   essential appliances in a house   , the one that absolutely cannot be missing: it is the first thing you buy when you move or buy a new house.


After all, how could it be otherwise? However, if there is a   problem   that concerns this type of device, it is definitely   maintenance   . It is true that, also thanks to   technology   , new refrigerators are increasingly smarter and more comfortable, especially for cleaning.

But the super-modern engineering used to make the   latest generation of refrigerators   doesn’t come to our rescue when it comes to   stains and bad odors   . How many times have you also found yourself opening the refrigerator and finding an unpleasant smell?

In most cases,   bad odors are due to food not being stored properly   or spoiling. Not to mention   the fingerprints or fingerprints   that remain especially on the door of our device.

Do you know that there is a   technique   that not only allows you to have   a clean and spotless refrigerator   in a few minutes but also   eliminates bad odors   in an instant? We are sure you will thank us for the advice.

The system to have a perfect and scented appliance

Taking care of   appliances   is one of the hardest things to do. The chances are very high that after a few years of purchasing, especially if they are   washing machines or refrigerators.

bad refrigerator smell

Our attention today, however, wants to focus on that last device. The most common problem, which most people complain about, concerns   the cleanliness of the refrigerator and the bad smells   that can arise from it.

Of course, it is easy for both situations to occur. In the first case, it is enough, for example, to have your fingers greasy with oil to generate   fingerprints or fingerprints on the door or wall of your appliance in a few seconds or   to store food in an imprecise   or non-throwable way. when necessary, to create bad odors instead.

However, there is a   remedy   for all these problems. Curious to discover the solution that will allow you to not only have a spotless but also fragrant refrigerator in a few moments? So, let’s get started right away.

The first thing you should do is   empty your refrigerator of all the foods   , condiments, and products you have placed in it. Also remove the shelves and possibly   the drawers and side shelves.

If possible, get a   regular spray bottle, a funnel, and baking soda   . To make our “recipe”, you will need to   pour a tablespoon of baking soda and 200 ml of   room temperature water into the spray bottle.

Close the lid and start   spraying the contents inside your device   . Don’t forget any corners and, of course, the outside door, please! Once this step is done,   equip yourself with a suede or microfiber cloth and start cleaning the inside of your refrigerator   : you will see that   the bad odors will disappear immediately   and all the dirt and scale that may be present will disappear.

Another accessory we need is a   new toothbrush  or a brush that you no longer use. Why will you need it? Thanks to it you will be able to   scrape the joints of your device   , which in a few seconds will be shiny and shiny again, like new.

Another method to scent your device for 60 days

However, to ensure that your refrigerator   smells good for more than two months   , you will also need to perform this step. Get   another vaporizer   and always use the   usual funnel  . Pour a tablespoon of vanilla powder   into your nebulizer and add a glass of water.

Then, spray the contents inside your device and, as before, continue cleaning,   not forgetting   any corners or walls. Then put all the accessories back inside the appliance, then the drawers and supporting shelves.

And there you have it! Your refrigerator will be shiny, clean and fragrant   , like new. To prevent bad odors from reappearing for at least 60 days, keep   a cup or saucer with some baking soda powder   in a corner of your refrigerator: this item can neutralize all bad odors.

Tips for cleaning the refrigerator