Polishes all dull wood furniture – 10 times stronger than beeswax

Matte wooden furniture, how to polish it? Forget beeswax and simply use this unthinkable product.

Choosing wooden furniture   means surrendering to the choice of quality, clearly distinguishing the pleasure of real furniture. Today, these furniture are created to be functional, with a particular and durable type of wood. In addition, the opaque wood is specially designed to   be able to experience the furniture   without fear of damaging it. When it is necessary to restore the natural luminosity of essences, what should be used? Forget about beeswax  for a moment and adopt just one product.

Lacquered wood furniture, how to maintain it?

If there is a lot of all-purpose wooden furniture in the house     , it is good to know the main essence and also the type of treatment given to the furniture. If they are lacquered, oiled or waxed, they must undergo a   completely different treatment  so as not to damage them during use.

Even if you try to be   careful day after day   , it becomes normal to spill liquid or scratch surfaces. Furthermore, over time wood can lose its natural shine and it would be a shame not to find it again with the right products.

clean the wood
 One of the biggest enemies of wood is excess water, which should never be used for cleaning. The structure of the wood tends to swell,   stain and change color.

For this reason, this natural element does not like humidity and water, because in a short time it would lose all its   shine and natural beauty.

If they are lacquered, the main feature of the furniture is the coating, designed to counteract any type of external agent. Ideal if   there are children or clumsy people in the house, who can directly damage wooden surfaces.

Do not underestimate the technique you use to clean wooden furniture, always trying to make delicate   circular movements   along the rings and then slowly across the entire surface.

Make your wooden furniture shine with a single product

Most people use beeswax to polish wooden furniture, returning it to its original shine. Cleaning experts recommend a product that is not specific to wood, but functional   up to 10 times more.

We are talking about a product called Pronto -or similar- for surfaces that is used to eliminate dust, giving the wood its always completely natural luminosity. How to use? Spray over the entire surface and   let it act for about 10 minutes.

Next, wipe with a   soft, clean cloth   , distributing it and making it penetrate into the essence.

Wooden furniture

In a single   step, the opaque wood   will be clean, like new and luminous with all the nuances that shine and change color depending on the light.