Baking soda in the cupboard, leave it there overnight: the next day you won’t believe your eyes

The trick you didn’t know, use baking soda inside the closet and the result will be incredible.

Very often in closed and poorly ventilated spaces a very annoying odor is created. This happens, for example, in drawers and closets and many times the force created is transferred to the clothing. There are several remedies on how to eliminate indoor odor. Some are even natural and you can find them in your pantry.

Many times we clean closets or dressers only on the outside without thinking that it is much more important to take care of the inside. The stench generated in the closet is usually due to lack of ventilation  . It also generates a lot of dust.

Here we explain how to get rid of the bad smell in your closet: baking soda

The first thing we must do is remove everything and clean. Dust and clean surfaces; and  one remedy to remove the musty and musty smell is baking soda  . Half a teaspoon is enough and in addition to the smell, those annoying water droplets that remain in the closet will also disappear.

sodium bicarbonate

Baking soda helps absorb water vapor from furniture, thereby eliminating odor  . Simply take a damp microfiber cloth and sprinkle it with baking soda. You will have to go over each internal surface of the closet and after finishing, wipe it with another clean cloth only after leaving it overnight.

So it is advisable to wait before placing the clothes inside the closet, it is better to ventilate them a little more to ensure that there are no wet parts. Another useful recommendation is to place clothes in the closet only when they are completely dry. Even after ironing them, it is always better to wait a little before putting them away.

Other remedies to clean and perfume the closet

Then there are other remedies to clean the closet, avoid humidity and ensure that it is always scented. For cleaning, you can also choose vinegar  instead of the classic chemical products found on the market. Simply place a cup of vinegar in a bowl of hot water.

If you also want to add a pleasant smell, just add a few drops of essential oil. Another remedy to absorb moisture from the cupboards and also salt or rice. Simply make gram packets of salt or rice and place them inside the cupboard.

scented bags

If there is a lot of humidity it is better to initially change the salt or rice in the package every 3 or 4 days. Then, once most of the moisture present has been absorbed, you can change the rice or salt every 15 days.

Being a closed environment, little air always circulates in the closet, so to avoid creating unpleasant odors you can use natural methods to perfume it. You can  use organza bags  (the kind where there are usually confections for wedding gifts)  and put flowers, aromatic spices  or pieces of fabric on which a few drops of essential oil have been poured inside.

Otherwise you can opt for scented chalk. They can be made at home using water and chalk and by mixing these two ingredients you will obtain a mixture to put in molds. Once dry, you can add drops of essential oil and place them in the closet.

Wardrobe tips

It’s also helpful to have an organized closet with maybe a few boxes to make it easier to clean as well. However, it is advisable to use metal containers or woven baskets. Avoid plastic ones that do not allow air to pass through.


It’s always a good idea to air out your closet and dresser drawers from time to time,  to ensure no strange smells build up inside!