Put a little salt in the toilet: what happens will leave you speechless

Bathroom cleaning

Salt in the toilet, someone already knows this remedy, others don’t yet, but you just have to try it to be pleasantly surprised.

This practice, which  at first glance may seem strange  , produces incredible satisfaction. Until today we have heard about vinegar and baking soda, which when poured into the toilet deeply clean and whiten it,  eliminating germs and bacteria  .

Salt in the bathroom, why is it necessary to act like this.

Actually there is another remedy, which can be even more useful, we are talking about  salt in the toilet  . Someone will wonder why use salt in this way, wasting it. The answer is clear: whether it is salt or baking soda or vinegar or any other product, you must dedicate yourself body and soul to cleaning the toilet.

Recent studies show that inside the toilet and even on the seat  there are very dangerous strains of bacteria  such as antibiotic-resistant staphylococcus, Escherichia coli, norovirus,  Shigella  . Some say we could even contract  Ebola  , through the toilet seat.

How to use salt to clean and whiten toilets

We usually use it for cooking, other times for cleaning and to  remove grease  from the bottom of bottles or pots. In fact, it can be flushed down the toilet and replace hundreds of expensive products.


Many products that we buy in the supermarket, indicated for cleaning the toilet,  not only do not work because they do not have the promised effect  , but they are also harmful to our health. Additionally, most of these products ruin the bathroom because they corrode any surface.

Now we can say  enough about germs, bacteria and bad odors. To have a super clean toilet, simply pour the  salt into the toilet and wait for it to do its job, on its own  . You only need 100 g to distribute even on the edges of the toilet. Let it sit for 3 hours and then flush the toilet. The toilet will be visibly clean  and sparkling.

Satisfactory cleaning action, here is another recommended trick

For even more satisfying results,  you can leave the salt in overnight. The cleaning action will be more effective. If you want to replace salt, you can also use baking soda, another alternative method to clean the bathroom and the entire house.

Bathroom cleaning

These two products  are miraculous and convenient,  you don’t need to scrub or breathe in odors to enjoy a clean bathroom, because both the salt and baking soda act on their own.