You have tried washing the tea towels with various products with whitening properties , but the stains are still there after washing .

It has happened to me often and, to be honest, sometimes the temptation is to throw them away because I tend to think I can never get them back.

In this regard, today we will see together why even after washing at high temperatures the stains on the tea towels did not go away.

Type of stain

First of all, the reason why stains on tea towels often tend to be resistant even to various washes is to be found in the type of stain.

In fact, we often tend to wash tea towels when the stains are dry and have therefore penetrated the fabric .

Instead, I suggest you act promptly in case of grease or grease stains, because they are the most difficult to remove, especially when dry.

Products to use

Sometimes I tend to wash clothes with the same products I always use without differentiating them based on the result I want to achieve.

In reality, however, among the various pantry products there are some that are known more for their whitening properties , others for their degreasing properties and so on.

My advice, therefore, is to first understand the nature of the stain and choose the right ingredient. In fact, in case of yellow stains you could use bicarbonate, percarbonate or lemon juice which are known for their whitening function .

If, however, it is an oil stain , then it would be better to absorb it first with bicarbonate if it is fresh and then proceed by washing the rag with vinegar because it has a strong degreasing action.


When it comes to stains, I always prefer to pre-treat them before moving on to the actual washing so that I can act locally.

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For this reason, I suggest you pour the right product on the halo and let it act for a while. Then, use a sponge or toothbrush to scrub and don’t lose patience right away because some stains may require a lot of elbow grease!

Another way to pre-treat your tea towels is to soak them overnight (or in any case for many hours) in a basin with hot water containing one of the pantry ingredients, such as bicarbonate, percarbonate , lemon juice, l ‘vinegar etc.

Installation times

Finally, another very important aspect to consider concerns installation and washing times.

In fact, in the pre-treatment phase , I always try to soak the cloths for as long as possible, obviously also taking into account the type of stain.

In general, the drier and more impossible the stain is to remove, the longer I soak the cloths in the basin.

Likewise, I avoid the fast wash cycle and prefer longer washes , always at high temperatures, for the dirtiest dishcloths.

Furthermore, I remind you that in the case of some stains that are now fixed, multiple washes may even be necessary .

In short, the important thing is to have a lot of patience and elbow grease and not think that they are irrecoverable!

How to make tea towels white again

In this regard, here is a video for you to see how to make tea towels white again with percarbonate!


Obviously, consult the washing labels of your garments so as to set the wash cycle best suited to the fabric.