If I had to put a number on all the clothes I clumsily stained while eating, cooking or gardening, it probably wouldn’t be a single two-digit number anymore!

In short, stains are a fairly common problem and not only for me but also and above all for those who have a large family or small children.

Over time, I got into the healthy habit of pre-treating my clothes with Marseille soap , diluting it in water and spraying it on, and, I’ll tell you, I often do this even with stain-free clothes. I’ll tell you right away why and how to pre-treat correctly.

It doesn’t make the marks remain

The first and most important reason is that, as I discovered with practice, if my clothes had very obvious stains and I put them directly in the washing machine, the stain often disappeared but a very ugly stain remained , especially on light-colored garments .

When you pre-treat the garment with Marseille soap , however, the stains are alleviated enormously after having vaporized the mixture on them and then definitively disappear after washing by hand or in the washing machine .

Repels bedbugs and parasites

One of the reasons why, at the beginning, I told you that I pre-treat my clothes even without stains is that, especially in summer , when hanging clothes on the balcony I avoid bedbugs and parasites climbing on them.

Marseille soap, in fact, is a natural pesticide . Therefore, if you pre-treat your clothes , even after washing them, the smell of this natural product remains and keeps all those annoying little insects away !

Helps sanitize

In addition to eliminating stains, Marseille soap also increases the sanitizing power of washing. That’s why I tend to pre-treat my clothes so I can then set a shorter or lower temperature machine wash cycle .

In short, it’s definitely an extra step, but I don’t prolong the entire process of washing my clothes .

Leaves a good smell and softens

After the first few times I tried to pre-treat the clothes with Marseille soap I discovered that, after the actual washing, the clothes retained a slight and beautiful scent of this product, as well as being softer to the touch .

It is no coincidence that Marseille soap has been used for centuries for laundry, not only to clean it, but also to soften it. An advice? Also use it to soften new sheets that are usually a little stiff.

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But… how do you pre-treat clothes?

Initially, I didn’t know exactly how to pre-treat clothes with Marseille soap either . So if you’ve come this far with this doubt, don’t worry: I’ll try to be as practical and quick as possible.

First of all, get a bar of Marseille soap and, with the help of a small knife or even a grater, reduce it into flakes until you obtain about 60 grams . At this point, dissolve the flakes in 1L of hot water and mix carefully.

Put everything in a vaporizer, spray everything mainly on the stains and then also a little on the rest of the garment. Then, leave it to act for 15-20 minutes before rinsing or actually washing . You can also use this product for many different cleaning tasks at home .

But if you’re really in a hurry but don’t want to give up a good result, try moistening the area with water and passing the stick directly , then rub the fabric and leave for a few minutes: your favorite item will be ready for the washing machine!

Always remember to read the washing labels: they will help you avoid making mistakes.