If I were to think about giving up an appliance, I wouldn’t have an answer, because for me they are all extremely indispensable. Among these, the vacuum cleaner is the one that makes it easier for me!

Let’s think about it for a moment: with the pace we have now, we certainly cannot wash the floor of the house every day, and passing a broom is effective but the time invested triples.

If you’re in a hurry, all it takes is a quick vacuum cleaner and the problem is solved! But I’ll tell you more: do you know that while you vacuum you can make your house smell pleasant thanks to natural remedies ? If you’ve never heard of it, this might be a good reason to start, don’t you think?

What remedies to use in the vacuum cleaner

How does this little trick work specifically?

It will be enough to use a series of natural remedies in the vacuum cleaner . When we turn it on , the fragrance of that remedy or spice will flood our rooms. It is better to make a distinction between two types of remedies , based on availability and the time we have at home.

The ones to put in the bag

Some natural remedies , due to their size, should be placed directly in the bag. Do this operation when you are replacing it, I guarantee that in this way you will also avoid the classic bad smells inside the vacuum cleaner . The remedies I use most are:

  • cinnamon sticks : they cannot be missing from the house, even if you want to perfume the kitchen after preparing lunch;
  • pot pourri : if you particularly love it and have a handful of it at home, you can easily put it in the vacuum cleaner;
  • rosemary sprigs or lavender sprigs : for a fresh or relaxing smell;
  • bay leaves , the anti-odor par excellence! Here is a video with some of its most important uses, such as the vacuum cleaner.

If you don’t want to open the bag compartment

It may happen that you don’t have time but you don’t want to give up this little trick that I’m sharing with you today! Know that there are some “quick” natural remedies , which you can simply spread on the ground , and then vacuum them up with your vacuum cleaner.

Cinnamon powder is an excellent alternative to sticks , but you will have the same scenting effect. If you just need to deodorize the vacuum cleaner, you can also sprinkle a handful of baking soda and vacuum it up. Baking soda is known as an odor absorber, so it will help you here.

vacuum cleaner-that-stinks

Finally, if you have some spices or ground aromatic herbs , like mint , you can get a good, fresh scent at (almost) zero cost!

Because I do it every day

Perfuming the house by vacuuming is a trick that I learned by accident and that I try to do every day. I want to explain why you should do it too!

It’s really fast

It will be easier done than said! It really only takes a few seconds: choose the remedy you want, spread it on the floor, vacuum it up and continue cleaning as you usually would . Plus it’s also cheap, you don’t need to buy air fresheners.

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Obviously I advise you to replace the bag periodically , because the accumulation of dust promotes bad odors. Don’t ignore the possibility that the smell from the vacuum cleaner is persistent, because it could be a fault.

You can change your “perfume” whenever you want

Since we are talking about totally natural and easily available ingredients, you can also think about mixing them or changing the fragrance every day . Obviously, if you used cinnamon the day before, you could taste it the next day too. For this reason you can combine it with bay leaf or rosemary if you want a welcoming but fresh mix.

An alternative with essential oils

A small aside should be given to the use of essential oils to perfume the vacuum cleaner . Of course, their use is not as economical as a handful of bicarbonate of soda, but having one or two bottles of essential oil at home has its reasons. Just think of lavender essential oil , which has relaxing properties , and you can also use it to help you sleep in the evening . Or you can opt for mint essential oil , also used by many to relieve the symptoms of headaches .


But how can they be used in the vacuum cleaner? We can make a small difference if the vacuum cleaner has a bag or a tank :

  • if the vacuum cleaner is equipped with a bag , put 5-6 drops of essential oil on a cotton pad , then put everything in the bag;
  • if, however, the vacuum cleaner has a tank (like Dyson -type models ) you can also apply a few drops directly inside the plastic tank.

Vacuuming to perfume the house is a useful and practical home trick. But avoid using one or more remedies indicated in case of allergies or hypersensitivity.