Brewer’s yeast in the toilet solves a very common problem: if you start you never stop

Bathroom cleaning

Brewer’s yeast is not only an ingredient used to prepare any leavening product, bread, pizza, grill, it is also an excellent ally for cleaning.

Brewer’s yeast can be used for household chores and giving fantastic results.

Brewer’s yeast, miraculous even in non-traditional uses

Simply pour the brewer’s yeast into the toilet bowl to see what its capabilities are. Obviously this is an extraordinary remedy , but unlike all the products available on the market, it solves one of the most common problems.


The stench that comes from the bathroom drain is the curse of all women. Attempt after attempt, crazy, useless purchases, enormous expenses, none of this has been effective. However , one sachet of yeast or a cube is enough to make the smell disappear permanently.

Here’s how to use it to remove bad odors from the drain.

Take a packet of brewer’s yeast, empty it into the toilet bowl, add one or two tablespoons of sugar to activate the yeast. Wait one night. Brewer’s yeast will remove the odor from the drain overnight. At this point you can flush the toilet and clean the toilet as usual.

Alternatively, those who have diced brewer’s yeast can dissolve it in a glass of boiled water. The result will be a homogeneous solution that will be poured directly into the drain. Also in this case it is left to act overnight.

It is recommended to do it at night, since you should not use the bathroom for at least 5, 7 hours. The next morning the bad odors will have disappeared , and at no cost.

What can be the causes of drain odor?

Even if you have found the solution to the drain smell, it is a good idea to look for the causes . In fact, the problem will return, because there are no products capable of definitively solving it.

One of the main causes can be a clogged toilet drain . This hypothesis is usually discarded because when flushing the toilet, the water is regenerated. As a result, you think that it is not blocked and that everything is working. In reality, the clogging could be deep , that is, in the pipes.

  • brewer's yeast in the bathAnother cause mainly refers to bathrooms that are not used frequently . The water evaporates and then releases the exhaust gases which subsequently cause the smell. Furthermore, a toilet that is used very little, or even never used, allows the formation and multiplication of bacteria that come from the sewage system. The result is the smell of sewer.

Finally, you have to pay attention to the silicone that surrounds the toilet, which in theory should retain odors . Suffering damage, he inevitably fails in his task.

How to prevent bad odors

The problem of bad odors coming from the toilet can be alleviated by taking some precautions that should be implemented daily . The first thing you should do is clean all the toilets in the bathroom every day, without ever neglecting them. A poorly washed or neglected bathroom hosts thousands of bacteria that multiply incessantly.

At least once a week, it is recommended to throw a cube or sachet of brewer’s yeast down the toilet , not just into the toilet. toilet, but inside all the toilets. White vinegar also performs more or less the same disinfecting function. They are natural remedies, free of charge, that do not harm toilets and are not harmful to your health.