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Clean the toilet

Shaving foam is not only an ally for hygiene and personal grooming, it can also be an excellent friend for cleaning the toilet. You just need to know how to use it.

There are some areas of the house that seem difficult to clean or even impossible to sanitize as you would like. Among them are health workers.

Shaving foam and toiletries, the winning combination

Toilets are always full of dirt , germs, bacteria, yellow stains and a lot of lime. Pee is the main cause of bad odor, which cannot be eliminated in any way. It is impossible to make bathroom accessories shine and look like new again.

There are some points that are difficult to access, others that can be cleaned without too many problems, but despite everything they remain yellow and ugly to the eye because they convey a strange sensation of dirt.

Eliminate bad odors in the bathroom

In fact, there is a product that could help and it could help solve the problem once and for all. It is shaving foam , which is effective when cleaning. Some people use it to thoroughly clean the oven and say it really works.

The product is ideal for removing stains.

Shaving foam can remove odor and dirt  from any surface. Simply buy a flavored or perfumed shaving foam  to solve the problem of bad odor and remove dirt and stains, without having to  use who knows what products .

Cleansing shaving foam

Most of the products indicated for cleaning the toilet  are harmful to the environment , to health or even  . Many people use bleach, which is often combined with products with high chemical content that are very harmful to health and it would be better not to touch or breathe.corrosive for the toilets themselves

At the end of the day these products do not even give the desired results and they also cost a lot.

How to use shaving cream in the bathroom

In any case, to use shaving foam correctly , just take the toilet brush and fill it with foam. The same is also done with the interior of the bathroom cabinet. Then scrub it all over with the brush, so that the foam spreads anywhere on the cup.

Pay special attention and insist on the points where dirt accumulates most easily. You want to make sure that any area of ​​the canopy is completely covered . After 20 minutes, maximum half an hour, excess foam must be removed .

Clean the toilet

The result should already be clearly visible. To obtain an even more interesting result, pass the shaving foam all over, leaving it on for 20 minutes and adding a little vinegar.

This way the toilet is shiny, white and shiny again . Another secret, to get a scented toilet, could be to add a drop of essential oil, which turns out to be the icing on the cake.

Other uses of shaving foam

Shaving foam can also be useful for women to clean their brush . You may have a healthy habit of shaving daily or weekly, but this is not enough. However, oils and dirt accumulate on the brush.

There are those who give up when faced with an oily brush and prefer to throw it away rather than clean it, without even knowing how to do it. Actually, shaving foam comes to the rescue and gives excellent results in just a few minutes. Spray it on the brush and let it sit for a bit. Then rinse with hot water and that’s it.

It can also be used on bathroom mirrors, to remove moisture during washing to prevent streaks from forming . Spray directly on the mirror and then wipe with a cloth to remove the excess. It is important to do it with a clean and, above all, dry towel.

Pedicure methods

Finally, you can also rub shaving foam on your feet, instead of creams or scrubs. To do it correctly, use an exfoliating glove . You wet a towel with hot water and wrap it around your feet. Leave it there for about 15 minutes and then rinse it with water.

At the end of the treatment your feet will be splendid , soft like a child’s.