Brilliant cleaning trick, save a lot – you will be satisfied

Smart Cleaning: A Money-Saving Trick You Can’t Do Without

There is also a clever money-saving trick when it comes to cleaning, which, once discovered, becomes an integral part of your routine.

Cleaning, a necessity and a challenge
Keeping your home clean is a crucial task, especially amid the fallout from a global pandemic. It often feels like you can never clean enough, and with prices constantly rising, finding ways to cut costs is always a welcome discovery.

The cost of cleaning
Not only do household chores require time and effort, but they also come with a price tag. Beyond investing in cleaning products, there are additional costs for the tools that improve the cleaning process.

Disposable items like disinfectant wipes are a popular choice and allow for quick and effective cleaning with minimal effort. Another common disposable item in kitchens is the paper roll or cloth, a staple for various cleaning tasks. Below we present you a simple method to use it more efficiently, even if it is disposable.

Use less fabric and paper
The versatile paper towel serves a variety of purposes in the kitchen and for cleaning. It is convenient for soaking up excess oil while cooking, cleaning surfaces and performing various household tasks. However, in larger households it is not uncommon to consume several rolls within a month. However, there is a trick to extend the life of your paper roll and reduce the frequency of replacement.

This is how you can do it:
Start with a family-sized roll of paper, preferably large and tall.
Grab a cutting board and a kitchen knife.
Using the cutting board and knife, divide the roll in half.
Despite the reduced size, your paper towel retains its functionality and can now be used twice as often. By folding the paper on itself multiple times, you can use both sides, making the roll last longer. Additionally, opting for a classic cloth towel for tasks like water absorption reduces environmental impact compared to disposable options.

By sharing the paper towel roll, you feel like you have twice as much product and potentially help reduce environmental waste. Although the latter is more of a perception than a reality, it is crucial to see the results for yourself. Try this trick and you’ll likely find it becomes an integral part of your money-saving cleaning routine.