The ingenious trick to permanently remove mold from walls

Mold is a problem that many households suffer from. In addition to their unsightly appearance, mold causes respiratory allergies, especially when their spores are inhaled. However, there are simple and effective solutions to combat these microscopic fungi without using toxic products like bleach. Discover these 4 homemade solutions to permanently remove mold from walls.

Mold affects damp and poorly ventilated places. They can be recognized by their almost musty smell and black or greenish spots. Mold can affect walls, but also ceilings and window edges.

Mold spots in the wall – Source: spm

How can you permanently eliminate mold on the walls?
White wine vinegar
This natural household product is very popular for maintaining the home and eliminating mold. You can safely use it on all walls of your home as it does not emit toxic fumes. Simply pour the white vinegar into a spray and spray it on the mold-infested walls. Leave for 5 minutes and wipe the walls with a microfiber cloth.

Remove mold from the wall – source: spm

Tea tree essential oil
This essential oil is effective in overcoming mold thanks to its antifungal properties . To do this, mix 100 ml of white vinegar with 12 drops of tea tree essential oil in a spray bottle. Spray the solution on the walls, let it sit for an hour and wipe with a dry cloth. If the spots are stubborn, renew the process by adding a few drops of lemon juice, which is also a natural fungicide, to your bottle. Then ventilate the room to remove the smell of the solution and dry the walls well.

This essential cleaning product is very effective in cleaning walls from mold stains. To do this, mix 200 ml of water with a tablespoon of baking soda in a spray bottle. Shake the bottle well and spray the solution onto the areas to be treated. Then scrub the stains with a sponge or old toothbrush. Do not hesitate to repeat this process for stubborn stains. For stubborn stains, do not hesitate to moisten them again with this solution. Leave the solution on the wall for a few minutes and rinse with a damp cloth. Ventilate the room to dry out your walls as moisture causes mold.

Baking soda and lemon against mold – source: spm

Hydrogen peroxide
Thanks to its antifungal and antibacterial properties, hydrogen peroxide eliminates mold without polluting the environment and without leaving toxic residues. However, it is a caustic product, so handle it carefully. Its use is simple. Simply spray this product on the mold affected wall areas. Leave it on for a few minutes and clean the wall with a clean cloth.

How do you avoid mold on the walls?
After eliminating the traces of mold on your walls, it is important to take the right steps to avoid moisture problems that lead to the development of these microscopic fungi. Keep in mind that excessive moisture not only causes mold but also damages the walls. Because when a wall is damp , the paint crumbles and the wallpaper becomes damaged and peels off.

It is therefore advisable to ventilate the house daily to renew the air in your interior, eliminate excess moisture and avoid the formation of condensation on the windows. If the humidity in your home is high, you can use a dehumidifier .

Also check if you have any water leaks. In fact, water leaking from pipes or household appliances such as the dishwasher or washing machine encourages moisture in the walls. Also check that no water has penetrated the walls. Since the structure of the walls is porous , moisture from outside easily penetrates, especially if the insulation of the house is poor.

This actually reduces the waterproofing of the walls.

If you have a basement, don’t forget to also see if you have capillary rise. This means that moisture rises from the basement or even from the ground into the walls.

Thanks to these 4 tips, you can effectively and permanently eliminate the mold that damages your walls and irritates your