Brilliant geraniums, with this tip they will flower for 10 years without ever wilting

Geraniums are a very popular flower on Italian balconies. But how to make them proliferate? Here’s the trick. 

geranium makeup

Also preferred by those without a green thumb due to their ease of cultivation and their bright colors, geraniums are a must-have for outdoors.

Geraniums: characteristics and properties

Geraniums, also known  as Pelargonium  , are considered the king of balcony plants. The motivation lies in the fact that they are easy to grow and resistant to different types of climate. Their origins are in South Africa. Precisely from this country  they were imported to Europe  where today they proliferate especially in the Mediterranean region.


There are  different species  of geraniums and each is characterized by different colors and scents. Although it is notoriously simple to grow, there are  a few precautions you need to take care of  . The first concerns the climate: be careful because the intense cold is poorly tolerated. The minimum temperature is two degrees. Also pay attention to  the exposure  : it is better to place it in partial shade and never in the shade because the bulbs could flower in two (branches with flowers and branches without). A position in full sun, especially in midsummer, would not be recommended as the flowers could burn. Also pay attention to the soil: it must be well drained. However, there are other valid tips for making your geraniums proliferate. You will find out what it is below.

The trick to making them proliferate

To make geraniums bloom all year round, you can follow two simple tips. For the first, you will need the  tincture of iodine  , just the kind that heals wounds, along with a bottle of clean water. Add one drop of tincture of iodine for every liter of water. The bottle will be shaken. Iodine helps prevent plant diseases. With the mixture obtained, it will be possible to water the plant regularly, at a rate of 50/100 ml at a time, along the part of the soil that borders the pot. Be careful not to exceed iodine as you could damage the root of the plant which will burn. Water and iodine can be given for a month, repeating periodically. Another tip is to use  an aspirin tablet. On the tablet, using a spray bottle, spray a little water to dissolve it. Dissolved aspirin should be placed in a liter of water. The contents must be shaken well so that the medicine dissolves. The salicylic acid contained in aspirin will allow plants to proliferate because it makes the roots stronger. You can spray geraniums with water and aspirin for a week.

geraniums how to make them proliferate

Aspirin also helps prevent the appearance of fungi dangerous to the health of the plant. A real health infusion not only for geraniums but also for other non-flowering plants. Seeing is believing.