Very lush orchid, if you water it with this it will look 10 times more beautiful

To make your orchid grow lush and with beautiful flowers, simply water it with just one ingredient. Here’s which one.

orchid makeup

In our  homes,  to make our rooms pleasant and as furniture, we often use plants  and  flowers  which  also make the surrounding places cheerful. These  plants  are useful not only from a decorative point of view, but also for having healthy air since, during the photosynthesis of chlorophyll, they tend to release carbon dioxide and renew the air.

Orchid: how to make it strong and lush with just one ingredient

In addition, the presence of some of these  plants,  especially the fattest ones such as aloe vera or mother-in-law’s tongue, are very useful against mold that could form on the walls due to condensation.

Orchid: here is the ingredient to make flowers lush

In fact, these types of  plants  tend to absorb all the excess moisture and make the place where they are placed with a level of humidity that is unlikely to create dangerous mold on the walls. It must be said that the presence of  plants  in our homes and particularly on our balconies is very important because of their ecological function and the help we provide to the planet through the ecosystem.

Orchid: here is the ingredient to make flowers lush

In our homes, especially during the  summer months,  we tend to have the windows open and many insects manage to enter and roost on our plants. This way they will pollinate the  flowers. We must therefore not chase away insects when they are not dangerous, but on the contrary reach out to them and help them in the pollination process which is very important for saving the planet. To do this, we just need to keep plants with  rigorous flowers  on our balconies and near our windows and often among the most sold and given away are orchids  ,  because they are always elegant and a symbol of beauty.

The trick

These  plants  are very common and there are different types, but not everyone is able to keep them in good condition, but there are methods to ensure that they have lush and voluminous flowers. Often it is said that to ensure that the leaves of the  orchid  become strong and shiny and that dust is not deposited on them, it is enough to wet them with water and lemon juice which, inserted into the soil, will make the flowers grow. strong and make strong shrubs. But there is not only this method, but there is another very effective one that will provide the plant with the right amount of  phosphorus, calcium  and  magnesium  and this is possible thanks to the use of  cow’s milk  .

Orchid: here is the ingredient to make flowers lush

By mixing a spoonful of  milk  in a  liter bottle of water  , we can insert 8 teaspoons of the mixture into the soil at least once a month, then we can insert the remaining liquid into a spray bottle. In this way, the  orchid flowers  will be born and become strong and luxuriant, while the leaves, on which we will have sprinkled with water  and  milk  and  dabbed with cotton  ,  will be  shiny and without any trace of dust. You just need to try this trick to make your orchid special and unique.