Burn bay leaves at home, surprising what happens 10 minutes later

Bay leaves are one of the most commonly used spices in cooking as they add a completely different flavor to dishes. But burning has other benefits. Let’s find out what it is.

burning laurel

In fact, they are one of the culinary secrets of Mediterranean cuisine  .

Laurel plant: properties and curiosities

It is a plant that  grows in bushes 1 to 3 meters high and has many branches.   The leaves resemble sharp spears, have a leathery texture but are flexible and shiny. Its fruits are spherical, small and black. It grows particularly in hot, semi-arid, arid and temperate climates from 10 to 2900 meters above sea level.

Bowl with bay leaves

Bay laurel  is also often used in cleaning and beauty products  and has a positive effect on our health in unexpected ways. Its main use is to  relieve stomach pain and is recommended as an infusion.

A handful of bay leaves

However, bay leaves are known to have many other benefits. For example, it is known that  this plant has a relaxing effect, has anti-inflammatory properties and  strengthens the immune system thanks to all the minerals and vitamins it contains, such as iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium, phosphorus, vitamin A, riboflavin, niacin, eugenol and cineole, to just to name a few. Although it can be consumed in drinks, soups or stews, there is also another way to use it:  burning the dried leaves themselves  , which releases fumes that can help us feel better. It may sound strange, but it can actually do you more good than harm. So let’s find out why you can benefit from this remedy.

Benefits of Burning Bay Leaves at Home

Burning a few bay leaves  and scenting your surroundings will improve your respiratory health. Given the expectorant properties of this plant, the fumes emitted when its leaves are burned could help clear the respiratory tract that causes discomfort, as it eliminates bacteria, purifies the environment and also improves brain capacity. The fumes from burned leaves  should not be inhaled directly but released into the environment. Anyone who suffers from headaches can benefit from this plant, which, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, helps to combat the problem and  relieve the discomfort caused by a bad mood. In fact, there are several studies that support the use of this plant to treat headaches.

Infusion of bay leaves

This is due to the mixture of chemical substances  in the leaves that can calm both the body and mind. Regular use of this plant helps reduce emotional states that cause discomfort and tension, thereby  achieving a state of soothing relaxation. Recent research by the  American Association of Nurse Anesthetists  has highlighted the presence of the substance  linalool,  which in large quantities can significantly reduce anxiety levels and whose effects  begin as early as 10 minutes after inhaling the vapors.

Humidifier in the living room

In fact, the leaves are  a popular remedy for congested airways  and diseased lungs. They clear the respiratory tract of mucus and sputum that cause discomfort. However, in this case, you can not burn them, but put them in clean water or use the oil obtained from them as a humidifier.