You have no idea how much money you will save when you discover this useful trick

This trick lets you spend money on unnecessary expenses and solve a classic home problem in just a few steps.

remote control

In recent years technology has really made great strides, allowing us  to benefit from a range of very innovative devices and features. However, despite the ongoing advances in technology, there is one tool that never seems to go out of style. We’re talking about the  remote control  , which we still use today to turn on the television and switch back and forth between the different channels in search of the program we like best. In the same way, we also use the remote control to  access modern streaming content platforms  like Netflix to enjoy the films and television series we value most.

This trick saves you money: The remote control works as before

The operation of the remote control is ensured by the presence of two batteries. Just buy the most modern models  to last a very long time. But what happens if our remote control is missing a battery?

remote control

This situation happens more often than you can imagine. In fact, remote controls can wear out over time and the door that covers the battery compartment can break. This means that one of the batteries can slip away  and end up under a piece of furniture without being able to find it again.

Fortunately, there are some workarounds that can be used to make the remote control  work  even if one of the two batteries is missing  . Two solutions are particularly effective and we will now explain them to you in detail.

In the first case, measure  the remaining amount of battery with the glue stick  and cut off the required part. The next step is to roll an aluminum strip around the piece of glue stick we just cut out that we will make from a sheet of paper.

After wrapping the aluminum strip well around the glue stick,  we get a kind of new battery  that we insert into the remote control compartment.

This simple solution, which can be done in a few minutes, is really enough to solve the problem and make the remote control work again: try it and believe it.

The second trick to make the remote control work: very little is needed

The next solution is  to take a pencil  , insert it into the compartment where one of the two batteries is missing and use another pencil to make the required measurement.

Remote Control Remedies

With a cutter we can cut out the part of the pencil that interests us by  properly editing it in an ordinary pencil sharpener  . In this way, the piece of pencil we received will have two ends with the lead.

This time you don’t even need to add aluminum to make the remote work. In fact, we only have to  insert the part of the pen into the compartment  so that it replaces the missing battery.

Does it really take so little for the remote control to work? Oh well. Just do a test  to make sure that our instrument is actually working properly again.

These two systems are very effective not only with the TV remote control,  but also with the air conditioning remote control  , essential in the summer months.