But what bleach or vinegar is what makes all your clothes white: zero stains

Never mix bleach or vinegar. This is what makes all your clothes and laundry white: with this mixture it is possible to have zero stains.

Many people believe that mixing   vinegar   and   bleach   can enhance the cleaning effects of both products. In fact, that’s not really the case. In fact, the mixture of bleach and vinegar releases a   poisonous gas   , which is harmful to human health. To understand the chemical reaction of this mixture, the molecules present in bleach and vinegar are made up of atoms. At the center of the atom there is a nucleus, protons and neutrons. If you mix an acid with a base, a chemical reaction occurs and, as a result, a chemical compound is formed.

One of the components of bleach is   sodium hypochlorite   and wine vinegar is an acid. When a person decides to mix bleach with vinegar, the hypochlorous acid reacts with the vinegar, releasing chlorine gas, which can be especially harmful to health. The gas that is dispersed in the air is invisible, although it has a strong odor, and its negative effects affect the throat, mucous membranes and lungs.  Adverse effects  include chest congestion, burning sensation, and tearing. In case of contact with the epidermis, irritations and blisters may appear. There are several natural alternatives that allow you to clean your home safely.

vinegar bleach

Never vinegar and bleach: here are the natural alternatives

There are good   natural alternatives for cleaning the house   . Think, for example, lemon juice, salt, baking soda, and   hydrogen peroxide   . This ingredient allows you to sanitize surfaces and environments. The sanitation of a property must be carried out in accordance with the type of environment and the people who frequent it.

Baking soda   allows you to clean all surfaces, disinfect the refrigerator, keep it fresh and fragrant. Salt, Marseille soap, and baking soda can thoroughly clean the bathtub. Baking soda can remove dirt without scratching the surface.

The degreasing action of   lemon juice   is what is needed to quickly remove stubborn and embedded water stains. Thanks to lemon juice, it is possible to make all surfaces shine, including floors. It is a powerful natural deodorant that perfumes and eliminates all bad odors.

Salt is one of the natural remedies that cleans   floors   and surfaces in the bathroom and kitchen. This green remedy helps make stained pans and pans shine. Salt allows you to carry out optimal cleaning in all rooms of the house. It is a product that allows you to remove stains from fabrics and be used as an exfoliant to sanitize all surfaces.