How to perfectly clean the oven glass, without disassembling it: so that it is new againv

Oven, how to perfectly clean the glass of your appliance? We stop it right there, you don’t need to dismantle it. If you do this technique, it will be like new. The secret of expert housewives revealed.

How to have   an oven with the glass clean and like new   ? You have to start with the glass: if you use this   technique   , your device will look like it just came out of the store. Don’t disassemble it, that’s the only way to solve the problems.

Forno, the ally in every woman’s home

In addition to the washing machine,   another appliance that can never be missing in a house is the oven   . An ally of women, it is also the best friend of food. Whether you want to prepare tasty dishes or maintain your figure by cooking green or healthy dishes, this device will always come to your rescue.


But what is it that all women hate doing? Obviously   clean it   because it is one of the   most difficult operations to perform   , especially when it comes to   glass.  How many times have you found yourself using   products   , even very expensive ones, specifically recommended for cleaning the glass surfaces of appliances such as the oven and the results you have obtained have always been disappointing?

Know that with   the solution   we present, you will be able to have   a new oven   in no time!  Do not dismantle the glass   of your device but put this technique into practice that will save you.

How to clean the glass of your device without disassembling it

Although   the oven   is one of the most used appliances, sometimes, especially women, they tend to do without it so as not to have to face a very common problem: cleaning   the glass   , which is usually very difficult to shine.

Clean the oven glass

If you have really tried everything, even bought   expensive products   on the market to polish the glass surfaces of your device without getting results, continue reading the article.

Today we bring you   a solution   that we are sure will change your approach to home cleaning. Did you know that   you don’t need to remove the glass from your device   to make it look like new? Apply this trick that the most expert housewives use: we are sure that you will not regret it, on the contrary, you will surely thank us.

What do you need? And how should it be done? We’ll tell you right away. The first piece of advice we give you is to   always clean the oven after use   . In fact, cooking, if we do not clean it immediately, contributes to dirtying both the glass and the internal walls of our appliance.

Let’s move on to the   trick that expert housewives use   , you need to get a towel: what do you need? You should place it under glass to prevent your floor from getting dirty. Next, use   masking tape and place it around all sides of the glass   .

At this point,   in a fogger or spray bottle, mix white vinegar and water   and begin disinfecting the inside of your oven. In the glass, however, we must create   a layer of baking soda.

What you have to do?  Spread enough to cover the glass of your appliance   , then   sprinkle your vinegar mixture over the baking soda   and mix until you have a   paste-like consistency   . Leave   it on for 10 to 15 minutes.

After this time,   remove all the dirt with a sponge   . Be careful not to wash off the baking soda, as it can contribute to staining the glass of your device. Expert advice is   to vacuum up this mixture   using a vacuum cleaner or brush.

Then clean everything with   a microfiber cloth   . You can also use your regular degreaser by following these steps. You will see that in my mind   the glass of your oven will be splendid and shiny   as if your appliance were new.

Did you know this trick? Only a few know it. However, the most experienced housewives cannot do without it. Starting today, this   secret   that we share with you will also change the way you clean.

Do you see how easy it is to get   an oven with a transparent and clean glass in just a few minutes   ? The technique that we have explained to you saves your device and will make it really new in your eyes. Are you also going to try this   infallible remedy   to have a shiny and super clean glass?

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