Do this movement with the windows of your house to keep it constantly warm in winter

During winter, it is difficult to escape the clutches of the cold. Therefore, we are always looking for ways to heat the home environment and, at the same time, not have to spend excessive amounts. In this sense, here is an economical remedy to prevent heat loss, and cold air from entering the house through the windows.

The winter months are mainly characterized by the   low temperatures   that, unfortunately, we encounter until the first glimpses of spring arrive. At this time of year, therefore, blankets and warm clothing are the masters, but we often realize that these tips are not enough to   protect us   from the cold.

Inside the house, in fact, it is now a well-established habit to rely on  classic heating systems  . However, the current economic crisis is creating economic difficulties for many families. For this reason, it is not always possible to withstand the high  winter loads  inherent in gas and electric utilities. Plus, recent   price increases   and rising cost of living have only complicated things.

Therefore, it is necessary to be able to find an economical method to create a  comfortable   home environment and minimize     heat loss . This is possible, thanks to the use of a tool that is applied to windows.

How to avoid heat loss through windows

One of the biggest problems that we can find in our homes in winter is undoubtedly  heat loss   . This   negatively affects   not only our finances, as it forces us to use more frequent heating methods, but also our   quality of life   during the winter months. Being exposed to low temperatures for too long increases the risk of contracting classic seasonal diseases.

Thermal isolation

To avoid all this, it is necessary to intervene in thermal insulation, and it is possible to do so, at a lower cost, thanks to the use of   insulating exterior curtains   . In fact, they intercept the   sun’s rays   , and if they are installed at a distance of about twenty centimeters from the window panes of the house, they manage to prevent the dispersion of the heat accumulated inside the home.

cheap heating

To permanently intervene   in   the thermal insulation of our home, it is necessary to have construction experts. However, this work is very   expensive   . For this reason, we often try to find an alternative and more economical way to always obtain   excellent results   , and the use of exterior insulating curtains, in these cases, is the perfect solution.

That’s not all, in fact it is possible – in PVC windows – to close the part that interests us with a screwdriver so that the heat does not spread to the outside like the cold at the entrance. These new windows ensure   optimal thermal insulation   , and that is precisely why in winter the maneuver with the screwdriver allows you to have heat in all environments.

heat dissipation

In order to heat the house optimally and save money at the same time, in addition to the previous alternative, you can also opt for the application of aluminum foil   behind   the radiators. This will help the heat   distribute   more evenly throughout the room.


Thanks to these two cheap and easy-to-apply remedies, the cold will no longer be a problem during the winter months!