Butter and coffee can become a face cream: here’s how

Butter and coffee can become a face cream   : Here’s how. These two ingredients rarely mix. However, in cosmetics they form a perfect combination.

Butter is a dairy product that is primarily used in the confectionery industry. It is used to refine both savory and sweet dishes. As for coffee, this drink with a pleasant and unique smell contains so many virtues. Among other things, it provides energy that helps you get off to a good start in the morning.

It is clear that these two foods have many beneficial properties for the body, but how extraordinary are they when mixed? In fact  , their combination creates a  face cream  that also ensures healthy skin.

Butter and coffee can become a face cream: here’s how

The combination of the two products gives the epidermis elasticity  . In fact  , the resulting balm moisturizes and nourishes effectively, leaving the skin silkier and smoother  .

The soft appearance of the  butter  makes the mask easier to apply  . With  coffee  it forms an explosive duo that gives the face more care and well-being.

The result is noticeable from the first application.

The different phases of preparation

  1. First, take  the butter out of the fridge and let it soften at room temperature.
  2. Then proceed to realize that you  vigorously mix 4 tablespoons of spread, which is the equivalent of a quarter of a stick, with a portion of ground coffee  .
  3. Pour into a tightly closed glass jar  .
  4. Store in the refrigerator after each use  .
  5. Apply twice a week to a dry, well-cleansed face  .
  6. Leave the products on for a few minutes  and then rinse  thoroughly  with lukewarm water.

This powerful cream is very easy to make. In addition,  it is more economical  compared to the products sold in markets.

After just a few days  you will have perfectly elastic and hydrated skin as well as a rejuvenated and deeply cleansed face  .