Salt is enough to restore the bathtub’s shine

The bathroom must always be clean and fragrant, as it is a  space for well-being and relaxation  . This is especially true of the bathtub, which  is the “best place” to relieve all the stress and fatigue that has accumulated throughout the day.  It would be unthinkable to bathe in an area that has unsightly stains. That’s why we offer you the best salt-based method to get your bathtub looking new again.

Salt is enough to restore the bathtub’s shine

In the evening, after a strenuous day, the bathtub is a special place.  It is a way to comfort our bodies before bed.  However, there is one very important detail that you should pay attention to. It’s about keeping the  bathtub perfectly clean  .

In fact  , it must be white and disinfected to better suit our bodies but also to eliminate any risk of infection caused by dirt.  The bathtub in our home needs to be maintained with the right products to combat dust as well as germs and bacteria.

There is a wide range of disinfectant and whitening products on the market that promise increased effectiveness. However, these products are not only caustic, especially if not rinsed off adequately, but can also pose a risk to skin health.

In fact  , these products can damage the  skin  if there is even the slightest direct contact and you have not taken care to rinse the product off well.  So the safest method is salt. All you need is table salt.

First rinse the bathtub under running water before sprinkling salt  over  the entire surface of the sanitary ware.  Then wait half an hour and rinse  . This way you get a perfectly clean and disinfected bathtub.