Cambridge University, students make an important decision: everything will change

In recent years , in school canteens and at all levels, the demand for vegetarian and vegan menus has increased significantly. Parents ‘ attention to a healthier and more varied diet for their children is not only due to protecting the environment, but also for their own personal well-being .

It is now well known that eating red meat several times a week is unhealthy. After all, it is enough for us to recall some words of Professor Veronesi to understand how much better it would be to stop eating meat . In fact, he stated that:

« Our organism , like that of monkeys, is programmed precisely for the consumption of fruit , vegetables and legumes. A meat-free diet would certainly not weaken us : think of the physical power of the gorilla. And let’s think about the newborn , who in the first months quadruples his weight by feeding only on milk. Not only would a diet of fruit and vegetables be good for us, but it would actually help keep diseases away .”

Young people are the most sensitive to the environment and animals, as demonstrated by the University of Cambridge

Cambridge University students make big decision that will change everything

Young people are more sensitive to the environment and animals . If for the little ones the decisions are up to the parents, for university students , the adults of the future, the choice is theirs alone. This is the case of the students of one of the most prestigious English universities, the University of Cambridge . Here students are carrying forward the request to replace meat in their canteens by adopting a vegan menu .

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The proposal arises from a campaign, the Plant-based Universities and the request is to definitively abandon all types of animal products from university canteens. It should also be noted that change has been underway in this university for several years. In fact, in 2016 they eliminated beef and lamb from the menu.

Certainly the university menu will not be overturned, but the fact that 72% of students supported the proposal is quite significant of how much animals and the environment are important to young people. The campaign ‘s 24-year-old William Smith  will work on the next steps needed to bring about change.

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The fact that Los Angeles and Haywards Heath , as well as Edinburgh , have also signed up to the Plant Based Treaty , the international treaty calling for the reduction of meat consumption , bodes well for the future. Vegan and vegetarian diets don’t seem to be just a current fad And for those who can’t avoid eating meat, they can always choose animal- friendly farms .