Car cleaning: how to remove dirt from cracks?

Cleaning the interior of a car is not an easy or pleasant task. However, it is important to keep the car clean and smelling fresh at all times.

To clean the car well, you need to have patience and courage to reach all the difficult corners. And if you usually eat or take your pets in the car, cleaning seems more tedious.

Cleaning the windows, dashboard or seats is no problem. But how do you clean the parts of the seats, the air conditioning vents or the compartments under the dashboard? With a few tips you can do this without any problems.

Car cleaning: Empty the vehicle before cleaning it

Before you start cleaning, you should prepare the car by emptying it completely. To do this, remove all accessories, mats, bags and documents. In fact, you need to empty all door and seat compartments to successfully clean the car.

Put all your belongings in large baskets, then tidy them up and put them back in the car after cleaning.

How to successfully clean the interior of your car

The first step is to use a large vacuum cleaner with a large cylindrical container and a suction tube to remove dust and dirt. If you don’t have one, remove the dirt by hand and then vacuum it up with a vacuum cleaner with a finer nozzle.

To remove pet hair, use wet rubber gloves, scrapers, or scraper-shaped brushes specifically designed for seats, sofas, or armchairs.

To remove dirt from the most inaccessible slots even for vacuum cleaners, you can use cleaning gels that look like a kind of modeling paste and are also suitable for cleaning computer keyboards or remote controls.

You can also use a sponge brush that reaches into the vents.

To clean the dashboard and remove all dust, use cotton swabs. Soak them in soapy water and push them into the small cracks and hard-to-reach crevices.

You will need some sort of trash can in the car. This type of accessory is available on the Internet and there is a wide range of models and sizes.