Tip of the day: What happens if you put a candle next to it while chopping an onion?

Like everyone, you probably cry when you chop onions and it’s so boring! Nevertheless, this vegetable is an essential part of the culinary process as it can be used to refine a wide variety of dishes. To solve this common problem once and for all, we recommend placing a lighted candle next to it. But why?

Why does cutting onions make you cry?

Cutting these vegetables releases irritating gases that make us cry. This gas is released systematically and naturally when the cells of the onion are damaged.

The irritating vapor, which acts as a “natural poison,” causes our eyelids to twitch involuntarily and tears to flow from our eyes. These tears are intended to protect our eyes as best as possible from the effects of the gas.

It is a way for our body to naturally defend itself. However, this is not enough. Some strains are more irritating than others. The red onion is the strongest and most aggressive variety. It is therefore advisable to counteract this with a burning candle.

Tip of the Day: What if you put a candle next to it while you cut the onions?

The burning candle next to the cutting board creates a flow of air. This pushes the released gas away from our face as we cut the onions. This prevents irritating fumes from getting into our eyes.

The candle flame burns the surrounding oxygen, creating a zone of low pressure around you. This flow helps extract gases from the bulbs. Try it and you will see how effective this trick is.

How can I stop crying while chopping onions?

You can mix water and vinegar (two parts water to one part white vinegar) and drizzle it on the onions before cutting. You can also wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from irritating fumes. Finally, there are tear-resistant sprays on the market that block the connection between the onion smell and the eyes.