Car headlights like new: this product is enough to work the miracle

Make your car’s headlights look like new with a simple product that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Over time, headlights can lose their brightness and ruin the entire look of your vehicle. Discover this secret product that will make your car’s headlights look new again.

Car headlights like new: just this product is enough to work the miracle

To leave your car’s headlights looking like new, you can use a hygiene product that you already have at home. It is the famous paste that we use for oral hygiene.

As you can imagine, it is toothpaste. In fact, it is a product with abrasive action that helps restore the shine to the headlights.

The advantage of this paste is that, while it removes stains, it is not aggressive. As a result, you can prevent dirt and debris from adhering to your headlights, as well as prevent yellowing.

How to do it correctly?

These are the steps to follow to make your car’s headlights shine with toothpaste:

Put a generous amount of toothpaste on your finger;
Rub over both headlights;
Make sure you cover all parts of the headlight well;
Take an old, slightly damp toothbrush;
Rub in circular motions;
Soak a cloth in warm water and use it to remove toothpaste and dirt at the same time;
Rinse to leave the surface perfectly clean.
Please note that headlight maintenance is very important, as opacity can reduce the quality of visibility when driving at night. For your information, this tarnished surface represents the protective layer of paint that has been exposed to the sun’s rays.