Castor oil, corn starch and 3 other tricks to have longer and thicker eyelashes

The alternative, obviously, is not to give up long and thick eyelashes, but to adopt simple natural remedies that guarantee the same result without having any side effects.

A simple solution is to heat the eyelash curler with a lighter (just for a couple of seconds) before using it. This operation serves to keep the eyelashes in place and give the eyes a larger appearance.

Cornstarch . It’s the perfect solution if you want to give your lashes more thickness. Replace the pre-base with a little cornstarch, to put directly on the eyelashes. Make sure you distribute it evenly with the brush. Remove excess powder and then apply rimmel.

Castor oil . In addition to strengthening and adding thickness, it also makes the lashes thicker. The application is very simple, just apply a small amount directly to the eyelashes and leave on overnight. Remember to wash your eyelashes well before applying it.

Vaseline . Contains vitamin E, which is a real elixir for eyelashes. Apply Vaseline every night before going to sleep. The next morning, rinse with plenty of cold water before applying makeup.

Toothbrush . Useful if the eyelashes always remain stuck together. After applying the eyelash mask, use the toothbrush being careful not to touch your eyes.

Baby powder . After applying makeup to your lashes as you usually do, sprinkle a little talcum powder on them before applying a final layer of rimmel.

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