Chicory: lowers cholesterol, expels toxins, purifies the kidneys and gives energy

Chicory is a very widespread plant throughout almost the entire Italian territory, capable of reaching a height of 70 centimeters and which, given its versatility, was used in the past both in cooking and in traditional medicine.

It is a plant that flowers in summer, and is harvested in autumn and winter. The benefits of chicory are many, thanks to its richness in vitamins and minerals, it helps us prevent and treat numerous health conditions.

Chicory is very rich in active ingredients, among which we find proteins, glucosides, lipids, amino acids and mineral salts . It is a diuretic and purifying plant, very useful for expelling toxins and detoxifying the kidneys.

It has very useful properties for treating various stomach conditions, but it is also useful for regulating cholesterol and triglycerides, bringing them back to normal levels.

Chicory can be consumed both in the form of an infusion and as a substitute for coffee, a drink that was very popular in Italian society until a few decades ago.