Clean and very shiny floor, these two ingredients are enough: you use them very often in the kitchen

Floor before and after

A clean and very shiny floor, this is undoubtedly the dream of all women who wash it daily, using thousands of products, but who are still dissatisfied.

Dirt accumulates especially between the joints of the tiles , in the bathroom and kitchen, which are the most used rooms. These floors are impossible to bleach. 

The problem becomes even more serious when the tiles are light colors. In this case, cleaning the joints is really an almost impossible task.

Matte floor, blackened joints, how to fix it.

We try to postpone it forever, but sooner or later the time comes when we have to clean the joints well. Otherwise, you run the risk of dirt suddenly turning into mold, which is dangerous for both adults and children.

But don’t worry, there are remedies that allow you to clean the floor joints , using natural products and obviously with a little effort that can never be missing.

How to Whiten Floor Grout with Two Miracle Natural Products

Whitening tiles, blackened by time or continuous contact with water, and joints is very simple. There are two ingredients that everyone has at home, that we use in the kitchen and beyond, that promise incredible effects.

The two miracle ingredients are vinegar and lemon . Together they are a true wonder, just use half a cup of white vinegar, half a squeezed lemon, 200 grams of baking soda and obviously 100 ml of water.

Mix all the ingredients in a container. After a few seconds you will be able to notice a chemical reaction: a foamy mixture will form and it will be that foam that gives unexpected results.

How to proceed with cleaning the floor.

Pour the mixture obtained directly onto the floor, the joints must be completely covered . Then you take a fairly large clothes brush and scrub vigorously. If you don’t have a suitable brush at home, a toothbrush is also fine.

A little effort will be enough, because the two miracle ingredients will do most of the work. In a few minutes the joints and the floor in general will return to their original color.

Alternative methods for washing the floor and whitewashing the joints.

Not only lemon and baking soda can be useful to clean floor joints. There are other methods that are equally simple and absolutely recommended.

You can use the borax that you use to wash clothes, the results will be surprising, especially on the joints. Simply add borax to water and spread it directly on your joints. Then you let it sit overnight, the next morning just use a floor brush and rinse to notice the big difference compared to before.

Vinegar itself is part of grandmother’s remedies, in any context it manages to show its immense qualities . Even if the joints have traces of mold or limescale, vinegar will work better. It can be used neat or mixed with water, simply spray it on your joints , perhaps using a spray bottle and then leave it on for 10 minutes. Once the necessary time has passed, it can be removed with a simple cloth and then wash the floor as usual.

A third remedy is added to these two remedies,  hydrogen peroxide at 40 volumes, which in this case is however used together with starch. A paste is formed which is then applied directly to the joints . Then leave it on for about an hour and finally rinse.

Those who have a steam generator can also use that, direct the steam on the joints , it is the most effective and painless remedy. The value of the steam will dissolve all traces of dirt and mold from the tiles, which will immediately become very shiny, clean enough to reflect.

Those who are lucky enough to have a steam appliance at home do not have to waste time using it because it helps remove dirt in just a few minutes. a few minutes, without having to work, benefiting exclusively from the high temperatures.

You just have to make sure that the floor on which you are going to perform this steam treatment is resistant to that temperature. There is a risk of ruining it. The truth is that one way or another, whether you use lemon, vinegar or steam, the effort will never be lacking .