Bleach, forget it: laundries use this ingredient | Very white cloths

White clothes

There is never a shortage of bleach at home, there are even those who use it to wash the dishes, to remove scale, to whiten the sink or to wash clothes. 

Bleach is useful when you want to whiten stained white clothes, disinfect, or wash the floor.

Maybe actually sometimes we think it’s a lifesaver and overrated, because if used incorrectly and at the time wrong, can cause irreparable damage .

Incorrect use of bleach on clothing

We know that bleach is a chemical that disinfects clothes and whitens yellowed clothes. Unfortunately, however, when you wash clothes and use bleach, you have to pay attention to several little things that make a difference.

The first thing to keep in mind when using bleach is not to mix white clothes with colored clothes. Only those that resist high temperatures are suitable for bleaching, these are mostly white or at most beige garments .

For this reason bleach should not be used on silk or lace garments , nor in any case on delicate fabrics, because at high temperatures, When they come into contact with this product they shrink, cook, change color and may even turn yellow. In addition, you must also pay attention to the doses of bleach used to wash and disinfect clothes, because  Excessive doses destroy the cotton and instead of bleaching, they irremediably stain.

Tips to avoid ruining clothes with bleach

We recommend using a maximum of 175 ml of bleach per full load. Also, remember that you should always place it in the washing machine drawer and pour it before the clothes and never after or directly into the drum.

However, when bleaching by hand, bleach should always be diluted with warm water and never used alone because it can stain clothing.

The most valid alternative to an aggressive product

Whoever wants to try an alternative way of cleaning, whitening and disinfecting must surrender to grandmother’s old remedy , which in fact is also used in the laundry. Instead of bleach, which is aggressive and sometimes counterproductive, baking soda is used.

Baking soda, as we know, is a fairly versatile product, which we can use in a thousand ways in the kitchen. It can be used to polish stoves, to wash, disinfect and descale pots, the sink itself and cutlery. But if added to the washing machine, it can really work wonders.

Baking soda is slightly alkaline , so if used to wash clothes, it cleans and whitens like no other product can. This product must be used in the correct amounts and methods to provide impressive results. One tablespoon mixed with a glass of detergent is enough. Pour directly onto clothes in the washing machine or bathtub, whichever you prefer. Unlike bleach, it makes no difference and won’t ruin your clothes. Then the washing begins.

Las mil propiedades del bicarbonato, antiolor

Thanks to its alkalinity, baking soda acts without ruining the fabrics , without weakening or staining them. Baking soda not only has laundry cleaning properties, but it also reduces odors. Therefore, it can also be used on clean, stain-free clothing that smells especially bad, even if it is just sweat.

In this case it is enough to add a