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Rice in the pantry

Rice is not only an excellent food that allows you to prepare delicious dishes, in winter and summer, but also something more.

It can be useful at home on a thousand occasions, it is a remedy against wrinkles , in fact it can be used to prepare many facial masks, together with other natural ingredients.

Or, it is excellent as grandma’s trick , to eliminate bad odors from drawers and closets, thus keeping clothes fresh, fragrant and clean smelling.

Wardrobes full of humidity and solutions that cost a lot but are of no use

The closets in any house remain closed for whole days, they are opened only to look for what is necessary to go out and they are closed immediately afterwards. Due to the lack of air exchange, any closed furniture tends to impregnate what it contains with an unpleasant odor, vaguely reminiscent of < a i=5>mouldy smell.

Even new clothes can stink and create embarrassing situations, to say the least . Normally the solution that comes to mind is sachets and closet perfumers. Yes, it is true that they solve the situation, but only momentarily, because as soon as they release the good smell and finish its effect, the smell returns to where it was and we find ourselves back at the starting point .

Rice as a unique solution to damp and musty odors

But there is no problem, there is no fear, you can say goodbye to this problem once and for all , the bad smell is counted and You won’t even have to spend money. From this moment on the clothes will smell and not thanks to the scented sachets, but to the rice. Strangely enough, that’s exactly how it is.

Rice is even a lifesaver for mobile phones that fall into water, because its properties allow it to absorb water and limit damage, when it is possible. Apart from this, acts as a dehumidifier and loosens the moisture present in the air.

So just get some simple canvas bags that close with a string, or a bowl that you can place at the bottom from the closet, where there is some space.

How to arrange rice in the pantry to eliminate humidity

Inside some organza bags, place a maximum of 40 grams of rice grains. The amount of rice changes depending on the size of the room to be dehumidified. The bags can be placed between hangers instead of air fresheners, or between bedding.

While the bowl, to prevent it from tipping over due to carelessness, should be placed in a sheltered corner. Once you follow the advice you will be able to see the effects in a few days, even just a couple of days will be enough for the bad smell to disappear completely.

It is advisable to change the rice in the bowl or inside the bags within a maximum period of 15 days, since by absorbing the moisture Its action will slow down noticeably.

Prevention, how to prevent humidity from forming in closets

So now we know that there is a solution to humidity in closets , but that doesn’t mean giving in to the < a i=3>worst habits. To prevent moisture from forming inside closets, it is a good idea to dry clothes before storing them inside. The same goes for towels and bed linen.

Dirty objects  or shoes soaked with sweat should never be placed inside the closets. These release the bad odor that the wood easily absorbs and contribute, even worse, to the proliferation of fungi and mold. In addition, it is a good idea to leave the doors open, at least a few hours a day, to promote air exchange.