Clean your smartphone to keep it as new as possible

In addition to bracelets, rings, collars and various complements, if there is an object that we use for diary and permanent use, it is the   smartphone   !

If you use it for a lot of time, we have to think about cleaning it up to keep it as new.

If we think that   our hands are always clear   and we raise the telephone included after taking food, etc., the habit is amplified!

So you can see   how to clean your smart phone in a natural and effective way!

leave the pollution

Before that, it is necessary and impossible   to leave everything   that is removed from the screen and from the phone.

Today, everyone who uses a mobile phone also has a   fund   to protect their loved ones. If you still have one,   add some   water   and   some   vinegar   .

Now, talk to the smart phone with a smooth and clean sheet of paper (if you don’t have it, you can use it mismo) on the screen and on the rear side.

I recommend that you  pay extreme attention to the cameras  , you will have to put very little pressure and be careful to use some of them without dust, otherwise you risk scratching them.

If there is dust around the camera area that is difficult to remove, you can use a  cotton swab  and you will see that you have solved the problem!


Often the step which has just been described is not enough because despite the use of a cover, stains  form  with  accumulated dust  , or product residue falls and we do not even realize it, it All that remains is to clean the phone thoroughly.

In such cases, you will need to  fill a small bowl  and put  a teaspoon of baking soda in it  . Melt it all together and simply dip a cotton swab with the tip.

Wipe it only on the part where the stain is present  and dry with a microfiber cloth. You can also moisten the latter in the solution created, squeeze it very well and remove the fingerprints.

Always remember to dry well!

Tips for Keeping It Clean

Cleaning the smartphone  is an action that must be carried out at least once a day, unfortunately it is often neglected and forgotten.

Here are  some useful tips to always keep it clean:

  • Change the film from time to time  : even if it does not crack or deteriorate, it would be advisable to change the cell phone film at least twice a year, as it comes into direct contact with the fingers and with the dirt that slips under the nails.
  • Clean or change the cover  : covers today are a real fashion, there are those who collect them even if they always wear the same ones or even those who choose them according to the outfit. Well, if you have more cases, change them often and clean them if necessary so that the smartphone stays clean and the cases do not wear out immediately.
  • Already the mobile has other actions   : this is the part that is most likely to come from the advice, keep the mobile in hand and prepare the food or clean the house so badly for the appliance as it is here. As you enjoy the moment, you will only experience it in the event of an emergency.