Cleaning marble: tips and interesting facts

Marble is a material that creates a luxurious environment. However, caution is required when cleaning. Then, if you need to clean the marble from your interior, here are some simple tips. They help you shine brightly on your surfaces and floors.

Things to consider when cleaning your marble surfaces
To clean your marble surfaces, you don’t have to use all the products available on the market:

If you are a scrubber, then, browsing sponges and using vacuum cleaners can result in scratched surfaces.
Avoid using lime-based cleaners as marble is essentially limestone and can damage your surfaces.
Avoid using ceramic tile cleaners as they can make your marble look dull.
Some cleaning products can leave unsightly stains on your marble surfaces.
Using vinegar to clean your marble surfaces can lead to corrosion.
Alkaline cleaners, cleaning agents with surfactants and chemicals (acids and alkalis) are not suitable for marble surfaces.
How do you successfully clean your marble surfaces?
If you want to opt for dry cleaning, all you need is a broom with natural bristles. On the other hand, if it is a wet cleaning, you should use alcohol-based cleaners or cleaners with a neutral pH. For example, you can use a mixture of eau and neutral cleaners or alcohol. You can also use a mixture of WARM water and detergent.

Before applying the mixture to the entire surface, it is advisable to always test the efficiency in a discreet place. This ensures that you do not damage your floor.
To clean, use a damp microfiber cloth to move from front to back. This prevents damage to the surface.
If you must use a mop, it must be flexible. To do this, wipe the surfaces with the mixture and then with water. In this final step, cleaning residues are removed.
Use a clean, dry, soft cloth to dry the surfaces. Do not let the latter dry alone, as this is the best way to uncover unsightly stains.
If you want to apply a polishing agent, make sure it is suitable for marble.

How to remove stains from your marble surfaces?
As soon as you notice stains on your marble surfaces, you need to remove them quickly.

On light marble, you can use hydrogen peroxide: apply it to the stains and cover them with aluminum foil for about 24 hours. After the time has elapsed, clean the surfaces with a damp cloth.
You can also spray eau on the stains and apply a mixture of eau and baking soda. Then cover with food film and let stand for about 24 hours. After this waiting period, remove the plastic wrap and clean it with a damp cloth. If the stains are still visible, the procedure must be repeated several times.
For grease stains, cornstarch is a good option. Sprinkle the cornstarch onto dirty surfaces and wait 20 minutes before wiping with a damp cloth.