How do you reduce dust in your home?

Are you allergic to dust? In this case, you definitely want to remove the dust that ends up inside. “. However, despite your efforts, it is impossible to remove all dust from your home. Don’t panic at all! There are tips on how to reduce dust and breathe healthy air.

Accumulation of dust
Every day a certain amount of dust comes into your home. Therefore, in some corners of your house, it accumulates that you have no idea or that you are avoiding it. In fact, dust collects under desks, behind household appliances (refrigerators, freezers, ovens, washing machines and dryers), on curtains, under sofas and cushions, etc., in the carpets, etc.

Some tips to reduce the amount of dust in your home
The vacuum cleaner
Vacuum regularly to reduce the amount of dust in your home. If you are allergic to dust, choose a wet and dry vacuum.

Dust, dried sweat, hair and dead skin accumulate in bedding every day. For this reason, you need to change bedding frequently.

Der Reiniger d’air
To reduce the amount of dust, an air purifier is an excellent choice. If this option seems better to you, install an air purifier in different rooms of your home.

The dog’s paws
Dogs are also an element to consider in the fight against dust. To prevent your dog from bringing germs and dirt into his home, simply wash his paws with a solution of eau, hydrogen peroxide, and liquid soap. Then dry your dog’s paws and he can walk around your house again.

Many people neglect houseplants, which are an important source. Spray the leaves with water and let it flow to the roots. You can also wipe large plants with a damp cloth.

Open your windows regularly to allow fresh air into your rooms. This renews the air in your home and prevents you from breathing in bacteria, airborne particles, dead hair and skin.

Air filter
Since dust accumulates very easily in the air filters of air conditioning and heating devices, they should be changed very often. This prevents dust from accumulating and allows the air in your home to breathe.