Cloves in oranges: a very useful trick at home

Inserting cloves into an orange is a natural trick that solves a common problem at home. In practice, it is an alternative to chemical air fresheners and helps counteract bad odors in the kitchen and bathroom. Here’s how to use it.

Cloves in oranges: a very useful home trick

You can count on this already very popular trick to perfume your home. The strong aroma of clove combines with that of citrus peel to create a natural, long-lasting fragrance.

This trick not only works as a natural deodorant, it can also be used for decoration. You just have to insert several cloves into the orange peel and that’s it.

Bad smells: why in the kitchen and bathroom?

It is common to smell bad smells in the kitchen and bathroom. In the first room, there is the smell of cooked food, the smell of frying and the smell of sauces and broths.

There is also the smell of the garbage can, where liquids and food remains are spilled that attract worms.

The sink also gives off a bad smell due to lime deposits, but also due to blockages caused by traces of detergents, stagnant water or grease.

In the bathroom, toilets harbor germs and bacteria, not to mention clogs caused by soap scum, hair and limescale.