This secret ingredient will make your crystals shine: just mix it with boiling water.

Over time, dust and dirt that settles on the glass encourages the formation of rings and limescale. To avoid scale, regular maintenance is recommended. To make your crystals shine, discover this quick and effective technique based on the use of a secret ingredient.

Simply mix it with boiling water.

This secret ingredient for making windows shine can be found in the kitchen. It is effective, ecological and cheap. We would like to tell you about the tea bag, which should never be thrown away after use.

these are the steps to follow

Pour boiling water into a basin;
Add 2 tea bags and let them infuse for a few minutes;
Once the time has passed, remove the tea bags and transfer them to a nebulizer;
Spray the solution on the glass;
Be sure to wipe off the dust with a microfiber cloth before continuing;
Dry with a dry cloth and you’re done.