Coarse salt in the bedroom, hurry up and put it under the pillow: it changes your life

Coarse salt can have multiple uses. We usually use it for cooking, or to degrease perhaps along with vinegar, baking soda, etc.

In reality, few people know that it  can also be useful as a room dehumidifier  . Excess humidity is a problem that occurs in any home during winter and autumn, especially  during particularly rainy seasons  . Generally, when it is cold, everything is kept closed, windows, balconies, so the steam after showering and cooking  is trapped in the house  .

The inevitable consequence is the formation of  moisture on the walls and therefore mold  . Sometimes dampness is also caused by water draining to and from balconies, both in condominiums and single-family homes. Moisture forms easily, just as easily turns into mold and is then almost impossible to remove.

Humidity in the house, because mold forms.

The solution that comes to mind is  the purchase of dehumidifiers  , which cost a lot and do not always give the desired result, because the humidity persists. Some people buy dehumidifiers, fans, vacuum cleaners, anti-mold spray products, but the end result is almost always disappointing.

Coarse salt

First of all, you have to pay attention to the small mistakes that are made every day. For example, when  you turn on the stove  , whether it is one or more, you should always turn on the hood, even when it is  very noisy  and annoying. If the weather permits, so that it does not rain and it is not cold, it is necessary to keep the windows open, even better if you have large windows, which allow much more air to pass through. The  recirculation in this case is greater  and the humidity is better contrasted.

When you shower, you turn on the fans, or even in this case, you open the windows. Finally, it is best  not to hang very wet clothes at home,  because it is true that with the heat that is artificially created in winter they dry faster than outside, but it is also true that  the water that evaporates is absorbed by the walls.  and then it turns into mold. Those who have plants on the balcony make one more mistake, that is, they pour too much water into the saucers, which then comes out and  stagnates  .

In this way the internal environment becomes unhealthy and therefore unsuitable for children. A damp and moldy house also smells bad and living there becomes problematic. We must act and resolve the problem quickly and in any way.

Coarse salt as a natural remedy, super convenient

Coarse salt  can come to the rescue, because  it is a very low-cost dehumidifier that can be made with your own hands. Coarse salt  absorbs the humidity  present in all rooms of the house, once it is moistened it can be replaced without spending who knows how much money to buy it again. The moisture of the salt is proof that it really works.

To use it just like our grandmothers did, just take an empty plastic bottle and divide it into two. Then dry it perfectly and pour 150 grams of coarse salt inside. This amount is capable of dehumidifying a 5 m x 5 m room.

Salt in the bottle, how to know how much humidity was in a room.

The bottle inside which the organza bag with the coarse salt must be placed must be prickled at the bottom and then placed in a container. To know how much humidity was in the room,  just look at the water that forms underneath  .

Alternatively, the coarse salt can be placed inside an organza bag and then placed in a strainer, placed  within a fairly large container  . The amounts of  coarse salt to place in the room  vary depending on the size of the room, however we are talking about a  minimum of 100 grams of coarse salt  , up to a maximum of 150.

The alternative to coarse salt, salt lamps.

Whoever does not want to use  coarse salt  , because it can be problematic to put it in the bag or inside the bottle, strainer, etc., can buy  the salt lamp. This is an electric dehumidifier   , with high energy consumption, which remains on for long periods and at the same time < /span>   . dries the humidity present in the rooms

This lamp is made of  Himalayan salt  and is sold everywhere. Normally the cost is around 40 or 60 euros. The price varies depending on the size. It can also be purchased online   at unbeatable prices and is perfect for bedrooms. Once turned on  it creates a  magnificent, romantic, magical atmosphere, the light it emits is soft, orange.