Coffee grounds, don’t throw them away: leave them in the refrigerator overnight | they save you

Ground coffee in the fridge

Don’t throw away your coffee grounds, they can be reused and will help you eliminate a big problem. Here are our recommendations.

We Italians love coffee like few other things. We prepare numerous cups every day, both in the moka pot and in the espresso machine. As a result, there are many leftover filtered coffees that we throw away every day , and without knowing it we throw away something that can be very useful to us.

In fact, coffee grounds can be reused in a particular way that can help us a lot. Just put them in the refrigerator and everything will change.

Ground coffee in the refrigerator: the benefits

Periodically it happens that you open the refrigerator door and you smell an unpleasant smell . This is a very normal consequence in an appliance that contains such a variety of foods. It happens that our food spoils, or simply the strong odors of some Ingredients like onion can condition all the air inside the refrigerator.

Coffee grains

If you encounter this problem, the first thing is to look for the origin of the bad smell . As soon as you have found the cause, take steps to eliminate this spoiled food. Also proceed with a deep cleaning (which should be done periodically also for hygienic reasons) and then follow this little advice from us.

The advice we give you works 100% and is very easy to follow , as well as being ecological. Instead of throwing away what’s left of your coffee grounds, place them on a napkin and place them on any shelf in your refrigerator. In fact, you will be surprised to know that coffee grounds are capable of absorbing and neutralizing bad odors given off by some foods. Sometimes you have to throw away not only spoiled food, but also food that doesn’t smell particularly good. Instead of putting up with this unpleasant situation that could cause bad odors throughout the room, use coffee grounds.


Tips to keep your refrigerator clean for a long time

Periodic cleaning of the refrigerator should be everyone’s habit: sanitizing the device that preserves the food we eat should be of fundamental importance. The tips we give you to maintain impeccable cleanliness and not damage our food are as follows.

First of all , avoid the use of chemical agents and prefer substances that, even if ingested by mistake in small traces, are not harmful for our health. A formidable ally in this case is baking soda . Dilute it with water and vinegar, use a cloth soaked in this mixture and rub the walls, shelves and drawers. Everything will shine again, odors and stains will disappear and you will not run the risk of inhaling and ingesting harmful substances.