Dish sponge, put it in the washing machine: because it saves you money at the end of the month

Dish sponge in the washing machine.

Put a dish sponge in the drum of your washing machine: washing will be less expensive and will solve an annoying problem.

Putting a dish sponge into the washing machine may seem like a strange and pointless practice. This is not the case at all: if you start taking this small precaution with each wash you will solve a very annoying problem and, sometimes, even expensive to solve.

This is a solution that we offer mainly to all those who have pets< a i=4> . Animals like dogs and cats usually lose a lot of hair and shed it everywhere, mainly on our clothes. This happens especially duringseasonal changes, and in autumn more than ever. 

Put it in the washing machine and discover the benefits.

Our pets’ hair is a nuisance during the transitional seasons. At certain times they begin to lose enormous amounts. They fill the entire house and the surfaces on which they rest . We armed ourselves every day with a vacuum cleaner and a lot of patience, partly managing to solve the problem. Removing hair from clothes is perhaps the most difficult part: the hair gets stuck to the fabrics of our shirts and pants, but we don’t care about that . It doesn’t matter to us because we can’t stop pampering our four-legged friends for any reason. We are not interested in it because now a curious and effective solution has been established: put the dish sponge in our washing machine.

dish sponge

curious solution, but also simple, easy, fast and foolproof. You have to put in your basket all those clothes that have become covered in hair and that we have not been able to remove, the detergent that we usually use and the dishwashing sponge. Then we have to start the wash and wait for it to finish: our clothes will come out of the washing machine completely free of hair. Without any effort we will have solved the problem. In fact, during washing, the sponge will be able to capture all the hair stuck to the clothes inside it.

Cat fur

You can say goodbye to laundromats and all those products that promise an easy and quick resolution. With the sponge method there will not be a single hair that escapes. If you want, you can try another very simple practice : putting white vinegar in the same drawer as the detergents. The vinegar will have a double action, that of softening and that of removing hair. Do not worry about the strongly pungent smell of this product, at the end of the wash there will be no trace of it.