Detergent or capsules for the washing machine? The option that saves you the most

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Which detergent to use for the washing machine, capsule or liquid? How do you know which of the two is the one that saves money? Here’s everything you need to know about these two detergents and which one is best to use in your washing machine for serious savings!

Detergent, capsules, liquid, flakes, which is better to buy and use? Here we leave you some tips and the definitive answer.

Savings have lately become an imperative on all fronts, especially in the daily shopping sector, which in addition to food also includes detergents for washing machines.

The most used are undoubtedly liquids and capsules, but which of them is more convenient? From an analysis  carried out between 20 washing machine detergents and 2 homemade ones, the real cost of a wash emerged. Let’s find out everything there is to know about which detergent to choose!

What detergents to use in the washing machine to save money

One of the priorities when choosing detergents for washing machines is opting for the one that ensure greater savings . In fact, the high costs of living also include the increase in essential products for washing clothes in the washing machine and those that you cannot do without.

Therefore, paying more attention to the price and doing simple calculations helps you save money and always obtain excellent washing results.

But how do you know how much a dose of liquid detergent costs? And how much in capsules, which have been widely used in recent times? Below we give you some tips to calculate the price of each wash and which one is better to buy.

How to calculate the cost of a single wash

Calculating how much detergent costs for a single wash in the washing machine is not complicated at all. In fact, it is enough to divide the cost of the product by the total number of washes it can be carried out.

The number of washes that can be done with the contents is always indicated on the bottle, and also the number of capsules present in the package allows you to immediately know how many can be done.

In the case of liquid detergent , it is noted that the cost of one dose per wash varies between 0.15 and 0.42 euro cents , with an average of 0.22 euro cents.

On the other hand, for each wash with ready-to-use capsules the average cost is around 0.28 euro cents . It is clear that capsules cost more than liquid detergents .

Detergents in capsules are more expensive

Among the  detergents examined to check which of them saves on the real cost of a wash,  a variation was found from 1 to 3. The analysis revealed that the price difference between liquid detergents varies between 0.15 euros for each dose and 0.36 cents for the one produced. in capsules with vegetable substances.

Therefore, it is easy to deduce from the data that the cost of the detergents already dosed is higher than that of the liquids corresponding to the same necessary dose to carry out a washing cycle.

However, it is important to emphasize that the prices per liter that appear on store labels do not indicate the real value of detergents. For this reason, it would be better for merchants to indicate the price of each dose needed to perform a wash.

The effectiveness of detergents has been proven.

It must also be said that detergents for washing in a washing machine, whatever the choice, guarantee maximum effectiveness. In fact, they are tested  to see if they really work against dirt  and if they treat the fabrics delicately.

In addition, they are also tested to be harmless to the environment , which means that they do not pollute or cause harm to the health of animals or people.

Many well-known products, such as L’Arbre Vert or Ariel Origine Vegetale, contain a very small proportion of harmful substances and are extremely effective against dirt and stains.

As you may have understood, liquid detergents are definitely the ones that save money, and since saving is a priority nowadays, you just have to opt for one of the many brands on the market!