Create this powerful insecticide and flies, ants and other insects will no longer be able to enter your home.

When you prepare this powerful homemade mixture, flies, ants, and other insects will immediately run away from your home. It is very easy to do with just a few ingredients.

If you are looking for a natural repellent for flies or ants, you have come to the right place!

All you have to do is prepare this mixture DIY but super effective, based on lemon zest, white wine vinegar and cloves. It works like this.

¡Prepare this powerful mixture to get rid of annoying insects!

To make this homemade fly repellent, you will need fresh lemon, nails, and white wine vinegar.

To do this, first grate the lemon peel in a bowl. Then add a cup of white wine vinegar to the bowl and mix the ingredients well.

Then add a handful of nails to the mixture. Nails are an excellent and very effective fly repellent.

They can deter insects because of their intense scent, which flies cannot. Mix all the ingredients again to evenly distribute the nails in the solution.

When your natural repellent is ready, let it sit for a day to allow all the ingredients to release their water-repellent essences. During this time you must cover the container well.

Natural fly repellent: how to use it?

After the rest period, your home repellent is finally ready and you can use it in various ways to get rid of the FLY invasion in your home.

Pour the mixture into small bowls and place them in the corners of the house most affected by flies, especially near the windows or on the balcony. The mixture gives off an aroma that deters flies.

You can also soak cotton in the mixture and place it on a plate in some strategic places around the house.

This technique works perfectly in the kitchen, where flies can become a nuisance throughout the day.

However, you should make sure to change the cotton every now and then to maintain the effectiveness of the DIY repellent.

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