Crisp, white pillows without a washing machine: Grandmothers’ method of dry cleaning

White and very clean cushions, whether those on the bed or those on the sofa, it doesn’t matter because they are fundamental and it’s nice to be able to use them and show them in their best light.

These  act as support for the head  when you want to rest and relax. They are a very soft support, but they are  also beautiful to look at when placed on the bed or sofa.

For this reason, every woman in the world would always like to show off white and crisp cushions  in their kitchens and bedrooms.

Crisp, white pillows, that’s why they get dirty right away

Pillows  usually turn yellow after a few uses  because they collect oil and sweat and get dirty easily. They can also be washed several times a week, despite this, they lose their good smell and their clean, pure color immediately afterwards.

Obviously washing them every day is impossible, it’s not comfortable, especially it’s not in winter, because  with the low temperatures they don’t dry. By drying them at home, leaning against heat sources,  you still risk using them or keeping them still damp. The end result would be bad because the pillows would end up smelling damp  rather than clean  .

Dry clean them, grandma’s advice

The valid alternative is therefore to dry clean them. The practical and functional remedy comes directly from our grandmothers  , who as cleaning and free tips, are truly unbeatable. Anyone who has baking soda at home, which is one of the allies that  no one could ever abandon  . Baking soda is also great in this case, it allows you to have  white and very clean cushions in no time. 

Among other things  , bicarbonate should be used in small quantities  , without water. The product allows you to sanitize and refresh the cushions by sprinkling the surface and leaving it to act for up to an hour. If you want to have an even more interesting effect, you can mix  baking soda and drops of oil of any scent. The result will be fabulous.

To remove it once the exposure time has elapsed  , use a brush or simply a vacuum cleaner. Baking soda is used because it has a fantastic cleaning and absorbent action,  instead adding oil helps make the pillow smell good  and kills germs and bacteria.

Talc, another valid remedy against stains

A second remedy sees as protagonist, talcum powder, which since ancient times has been used to soothe redness of children’s skin, to counteract irritations, perspiration, to dry out moisture from the skin. In the same way and  for the same absorbent properties,  it is able to absorb grease from cushions and remove all stains.

Simply sprinkle the pillow with talcum powder and  leave it to act for a few hours,  then like baking soda, you use a brush to remove excess dust or a vacuum cleaner which is certainly more comfortable.

How to use vinegar and other natural products we have at home

Both of these remedies are accompanied by vinegar,  which quickly refreshes and eliminates bad odors from the pillow. Next, you pour vinegar into a bucket of water, then dip a cloth in the solution, wring it out well because it shouldn’t be wet at all.

To the solution obtained, you can add a few drops of essential oil of your choice from various perfumes. Orange, tangerine, lavender are indicated which also helps to relax and sleep. Then  the damp cloth is passed over the pillow  and then left to dry in the sun or air.

Lemon and salt  cannot be missing, which have an incredible cleaning and stain removing action on all fabrics. In fact, lemon was once used to revive the natural whiteness of laundry, while salt is known for its great degreasing and antibacterial properties. Then, the two products are mixed until a paste is obtained which is sprinkled directly on the pillow, in small quantities.

Particular attention is paid to stains  using a damp cloth. It is left on for an hour. Once the necessary time has elapsed, it can be removed with a dry or otherwise clean cloth. Eventually the pillow will appear to have been washed or purchased.

Marseille’s soap

The final remedy for crisp white pillows  is to use Marseille soap.

Only one glass should be poured into a liter of warm water. A cloth  is soaked in the solution, squeezed very well and dabbed onto the pillow. Then let it dry, the pillows will be perfect.