Dark corridor: how to make it brighter


How to illuminate and decorate the corridor and make it welcoming and comfortable

In many houses or apartments, in addition to the rooms, we are greeted at the entrance by the corridor . This space acts as a connection between the various environments, but very often it is dark or poorly lit and makes the house less welcoming. Today we will see how to give it a bright look.

The key word when it comes to making an environment welcoming is light ! To make the corridor more welcoming, the first thing to do is to provide it with the right lighting , perhaps using colors and decorative elements that enhance it.

How to capture the light in the hallway and make it more welcoming

Another fundamental element to respect to give the right light to the corridor is the clear spaces . Piling objects or furniture would close it, making the environment claustrophobic. A clear environment allows light to reach the floors , corners and objects that compose it.

Even as regards paintings, it is important to choose them with lively outlines and bright colors that enhance the space. The same thing applies to the choice of doors which should always have glass inserts that allow light from other rooms to pass into the corridor.


To personalize it in the right way it is advisable to use plants, mirrors or fabrics. As for vegetation, choose the one that needs little light to thrive. Mirrors are essential for reflecting light and creating a more open and spacious effect. As for objects, focus on crystal products , capable of reflecting light. If you love carpets or runners and can’t do without them, opt for warm colors.

For those who don’t want to give up natural light, there are two solutions: roof windows and solar tunnels . The roof windows allow you to make the most sheltered spaces bright, while the solar tunnels allow you to capture natural light and make it flow according to needs.