Have you run out of dish detergent and don’t know what to do? Try to create it naturally, the result will be shiny


How to prepare dish detergent at home, using natural and ecological ingredients

Dish detergent is an indispensable product in the home, as it allows you to clean and sanitize dishes, cutlery, pots and pans in general. Thanks to its degreasing and cleaning properties, it effectively removes food residues, grease and greasy stains. In this article we want to show you how to create a dish detergent with natural ingredients, which maintains its effectiveness and at the same time allows you to save money.

Using natural ingredients to create dish soap is beneficial to both your health and the environment. Instead of relying on commercial detergents that often contain harsh chemicals , you can use ingredients such as Marseille soap , liquid black soap, baking soda and essential oils to create an effective and sustainable product.

How to prepare natural and ecological dish detergent at home

Before moving on to the preparation, let’s see in detail why we are going to use these ingredients. Marseille soap , being made with natural and plant-based ingredients, is gentle on the skin but effective in removing grease and dirt from dishes.

Marseille soap

Liquid black soap is another natural ingredient, made from olive oil and contains powerful cleaning properties. It is effective at removing stubborn stains and leaves dishes clean and shiny.

Bicarbonate needs no introduction We have learned in many household chores to appreciate its whitening, stain-removing and sanitizing properties. Essential oils , on the other hand, serve to give the detergent a good scent and some of them, such as lavender , lemon or peppermint, also have an antibacterial and antiviral action .

natural products

But let’s get to work and go prepare our dishwashing liquid. In a pan, boil some water. Let it cool and pour 40 ml of liquid black soap into the pot. Then add 20 grams of grated Marseille soap , 4 teaspoons of bicarbonate and a few drops of essential oil of your choice.

All you have to do is mix all the ingredients and transfer the mixture into a bottle. Your eco-friendly dishwashing detergent is ready to amaze you.