Do you know the freezer trick with cling film?

plastic film

Cling film is an indispensable product in the kitchen. We all use it without distinction to wrap and cover food, to keep it fresh and protect it from odors. In many cases it is also used to freeze food or to heat it in the microwave or oven. Today, however, we want to reveal a secret to you, which will make using film much simpler and quicker.

As we mentioned, cling film is mainly used to preserve and protect fresh foods . It can be used to wrap fruit , vegetables, sandwiches, cheeses and many other foods. This product creates a protective barrier that prevents air, light and moisture from damaging your food, keeping its freshness longer.

To use it correctly it is important to seal it well. Make sure you wrap the food completely so that the foil sticks to the surface and leaves no gaps. This will prevent air from entering and the food from oxidizing or losing moisture . For better results, you can also moisten the edge of the containers with water, so that it adheres perfectly.


Cling film isn’t just useful in the kitchen . You can also use it at home, for example to seal and protect products from dust, humidity and dirt in general, packaged products, such as cleaning products, cosmetics or toys. Furthermore, it can also be very useful for storing important documents , such as photographs, certificates or notes, helping to preserve them over time.

When and why to use the freezer trick for cling film

But what to do when when we go to shoot the film it curls or breaks ? Today we will teach you a trick that you probably didn’t know. To fix the film and make it more functional and manageable, you must place it in the freezer for 15 minutes. In this way, the cold will be able to eliminate static electricity and will allow you to use it very easily.