How to clean your dehumidifier

dehumidifier clean

Every now and then you need to remember to clean the dehumidifier too. Here’s how to proceed quickly and easily

Many people are starting to keep a dehumidifier at home . This is an important appliance to use both in particularly humid homes (think of homes near rivers, lakes or the sea) or in rooms of the house from which it is not possible to eradicate the humidity (perhaps a bathroom exposed to North which never receives direct sunlight). But not only that: the dehumidifier is particularly useful in summer because by reducing environmental humidity, it reduces the amount of heat perceived. Furthermore, it also helps to dry clothes hung out at home more quickly, reducing the risk of developing mould. But we must remember to clean the dehumidifier every now and then.

Tips for cleaning and sanitizing your dehumidifier

If you want to clean the dehumidifier, first read the instruction booklet to check that this procedure does not require any particular care related to the model.

Once this is done, unplug the dehumidifier from the electricity supply and start cleaning the outside. Take a dry cloth and wipe off the dust first. If the external surface is particularly dirty, slightly dampen the cloth and pass it over the outside. However, never spray water or other cleaning detergents directly on the appliance.

Moisture-fighting blend

Now it’s the tank’s turn . Empty the tray well, wash it and dry it to prevent mold from developing. If mold is already present, simply clean the tank with a degreasing detergent, rinsing and drying well.

Now it’s the turn of the air filter . Take a vacuum cleaner and suck up the dust accumulated on the filter. If the filter is very dirty, rinse it with hot water. Never use chemical products to clean the filter directly. Let it dry well and then reinsert it into the appliance.

DIY moisture absorber

As? Don’t have a dehumidifier at home? Would you like one, but are currently on a tight budget? Well, here you will find a method to make a DIY dehumidifier , to create one with coarse salt and to make one that costs less than 1 euro .