Paint on wooden floors: remove them with simple TRICKS


Useful remedies for removing paint from wooden floors

The first thing to do when dealing with a paint stain is to act as quickly as possible, as the longer you allow the paint to dry and set on the wood , the more difficult it will be to remove. It is important to avoid scratching the paint with a sharp utensil or rubbing it with a rough cloth, as this could further damage the floors.

The first useful remedy for removing paint stains is to use white vinegar . This natural ingredient manages to dissolve the paint without affecting the natural shine of the wood. Mix one part vinegar and two parts water in a bowl . Dip a cloth in the solution and rub the stains.


Let’s pass the lemon juice which, thanks to its whitening properties, can be an effective and non-harmful solution. Squeeze the juice of a lemon directly onto the stained areas and rub with a cloth. Leave to act for a few minutes and rinse with a damp cloth.

Olive oil , in addition to polishing and nourishing the wood, can also be useful for removing paint stains. Pour some onto a clean cloth and rub the areas to be cleaned. Leave it to act for a few minutes and remove using a damp cloth.

olive oil

When the stains are significant or too extensive and it is not possible to remove them with natural ingredients, you can use a nail polish thinner . Before doing so, however, remember to wear gloves . Dab a very small amount on the stained areas, wait 10 minutes for the solution to act and remove them, using a plastic-coated paper or a plastic scraper.